Everything you need to know about what the IRL streamer BlondieWondie did to be banned from Twitch.

Because there’s always something going on in the drama-filled world of Twitch, BlondieWondie has indefinitely been banned from the platform for – to be blunt – moronic behaviour. Many people had called for the IRL streamer to be banned from the platform following her idiocy, so the news of her suspension will be received with a tremendous uproar of approval.

For those who enjoy doing nothing but watching nonsensical drama unravel through the YouTube and Twitch equivalent of TMZ, then you’ve had an exciting week with the sudden Instagram ban of Belle Delphine and the witch hunt for Alinity Divine.

However, compared to those two, BlondieWondie’s behaviour on Twitch was arguably more abhorrent and hideous to watch. Yes, someone throwing a cat over their head in their home isn’t a good image, but it’s nothing compared to the danger the blonde IRL streamer put herself and others in.

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Why has BlondieWondie been banned from Twitch?

BlondieWondie is a female Twitch streamer who – judging by her Instagram account – is in love with her bumblebee Porshe.

She boasts over 40,000 followers on the social media platform, but her fans will no longer be able to access her Twitch channel as she has been banned from the streaming station.

Those who – for whatever reason – wish to view her Twitch channel will see nothing but the witty message, “Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.”

But why has she been banned from the platform?

Well, in an unbelievable IRL stream, she showed herself up as a goofball by reading chat and messing about with her music while speeding in her Porsche to Mexico.

This lack of care for her own and other people’s safety resulted in her being pulled over by the police, and it has now culminated with her being banned from Twitch.

In case you still somehow don’t understand why she been banned, then you should know that Twitch’s Community Guidelines contain the following rule:

“Any activity that may endanger your life or lead to physical harm is prohibited, including suicide threats, intentional physical drama, illegal use of drugs and dangerous and distracted driving.”

It’s not clear how long she has been banned from Twitch, but hopefully she never repeats her 15-seconds of notoriety when she returns.

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