Another Life has landed on Netflix, but who is stand-out JayR Tinaco?

Netflix may have delivered Another Life recently, but audiences are feeling certain that they won’t deliver another season. 

Aaron Martin’s high-concept series arrived on Thursday, July 25th 2019 and fans of all things sci-fi were intrigued and excited to discover its mystery and spectacle. It goes without saying that the genre has such a rich history, and besides horror, may have the most incredibly devoted fanbase across cinema. 

The trailer dropped soon before the show’s official release, promising to offer ten episodes of pure, exhilarating sci-fi.  Appearing as a compromising blend of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival and the more spectacle-driven Star Trek series, all the ingredients were in place for something entertaining, thoughtful and even a little terrifying. 

Is it a hit?

Another Life on Netflix

Another Life chronicles a space crew as they set out on a daring mission to discover the secrets of a UFO-like object which has mysteriously landed on Earth. Immediately, there is paranoia that extraterrestrial life could soon pose a great threat to their own. What will they find on their mission?

Well, it turns out they found a lot on their mission, but the series itself has failed to find success, quite sadly. 

Original sci-fi should always be embraced with open arms, and if you’re a genre fan, you’ll know why. It’s always good to see creative’s get ambitious and try telling their own story, with all of the familiar tropes and added trimmings as decoration. Recent Netflix efforts like Alex Garland’s Annihilation have done well to breathe fresh life into sci-fi, but most feel that Another Life is a tired retread of everything which came before it, failing to nurture its own spark. 

It currently has a very low IMDb audience score of 4.1, and the critics haven’t exactly taken to it either. Sure, some have enjoyed the show and found merits within, one of them proving to be JayR Tinaco. 

Meet JayR Tinaco!

The character of Zayn Petrossian made quite the impression on the series’ admirers, appearing across the entirety of its ten episodes; she’s the ship medic and essential psychologist. 

According to Dreshare, the performer is 30-years-old and is a former bartender turned actor and Instagram personality. He was born in Sydney, Australia but was raised in Queensland, and as the source suggests, identifies as transgender. 

The star can be followed on Instagram over at @jayrtinaco. They currently boast 4,701 followers and have a range of posts available to glance through; from fashion, selfies and aesthetic. Their bio reads; “Not conforming & never will” with an LGBTQ flag emoji. 

JayR currently lives out in Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, there are no projects in the pipeline at the moment, according to IMDb, but considering many will have been introduced courtesy of Another Life, let’s take a look back through previous roles. 

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JayR Tinaco: Previous roles

The actor began appearing in shorts such as Your Life Again and Showboy from 2012 to 2014, later landing roles in such efforts as Drown and the 2016 TV series Rake.

However, it seems 2019 is the year of JayR’s break. You will have seen him on Netflix earlier this year, or at least that’ll be the case if you watched Always Be My Maybe, the charming rom-com which many noted stars Keanu Reeves. 

Along with Another Life, it’s been the biggest year of his acting career yet, and hopefully, more work is on the way. 

In an Instagram post, JayR expressed just how wonderful this year’s experiences have been so far; “I just wanted to thank my Another Life family for making this experience a dream come true! and to everyone who has expressed their support along the way! This truly was a crazy ride, on and off screen! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it! Happy Bingeing!”

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