An explanation for who Zach Nolan is and how the Hotel Secret Ending connects to the Roblox Camping series.

In contrast to the supposed amazing news of Roblox signing an agreement with Liverpool Football Club, a lot of the game’s community are now freaking out over a Secret Ending to a user created experience called Hotel. But what does its chilling conclusion mean and how does it tie in with the famous Camping series? Also, who is Zach Nolan?

Roblox is one of the most profitable and recognisable video games on the market with it being valued at over $2 billion, as well as having been used by Netflix to promote Stranger Things season 3. One of the most appealing aspects of the title is its multiplayer component and the amusing stories users create.

Most of the user created stories are purposefully cringey episodes that make The Room feel like The Shawshank Redemption, but the Camping series is a captivating story capable of disturbing the easily frightened.

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Roblox Camping: Who is Zach Nolan?

The Camping series is a user created trilogy in Roblox comprising of Camping, Camping 2, and Hotel. Its most famous character is Zach Nolan; the trilogy’s urban legend that people tell scary stories about when sitting around a fire.

Similar to Jason in the Friday The 13th franchise, Zach Nolan is a violent, psychotic and murderous fella who enjoys killing people. He also has a big build and his Irish white mask has an unnerving smile that would even terrify the Joker.

Zach Nolan is only briefly mentioned in a secret message in Camping; a news report that discusses how he was responsible for the deaths of a wealthy family of five.

In Camping 2, he is much more than just a scary bedtime story. He haunts the campers in an eerily similar fashion to Jason, and he continues his slaughtering until his victims make it to the cabin.

Here he chases the campers down a hole and his fate depends on whether or not the campers shot Daniel. If they did, then Zach Nolan simply kills the buggers. But if they didn’t, then the Jason-esque serial killer ends up being decapitated by the monster from Camping.

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What is the Hotel Secret Ending?

Hotel is a user created game that locks 14 players inside the Gloomo Hotel. Similar to how Star Wars did everything backwards, Hotel is chronologically the first game in the Camping series.

As you’d expect from a “scary” game inside a hotel, there’s a lot of horror conveniences such as players not being able to leave the creepy building due to a blizzard storm.

The game’s narrative can be summarised as you and your pals being chased by a monster until you are rescued by the police.

But what is the Secret Ending that has caused a lot of noise in the Roblox community?

Well, the Secret Ending involves players parkouring up to the roof and then climbing an invisible set of stairs.

Here they find a dark and unnerving room where suddenly the lights come on and Zach Nolan appears out of nowhere.

The murderous fiend sprints towards you and remorselessly kills you in less than a second. As for why he does this, he merely justifies his heinous crime by saying, “Can’t have you interfering.”

You can watch the Secret Ending below.

During Hotel when everyone is hiding away in one room, a family knocks on the door and engages in some chitter-chatter. Some of the Roblox community have speculated that this is the wealthy family that Zach Nolan becomes infamous for killing, which lends somewhat of an explanation to the “can’t have you interfering” final quote.

Regardless if this is true or not, let’s hope we get another instalment in the Camping saga that explains why Zach Nolan decided to kill the family.

You can play Hotel by clicking here.