Ackley Bridge honours the memory of Lisa Brady in a new episode.

Ackley Bridge is known for packing an emotional punch but wasn’t that ending just lovely…  

The much-admired show returned to screens on Tuesday, 18th June 2019 for a third series, and it has yet to disappoint. It’s been compared to the likes of Waterloo Road and Grange Hill, and rightly so; however, Channel 4’s drama is arguably in a league of its own, daring enough to try new things. 

It actually began life in 2017 under the name The ABC, however, the show’s setting and backdrop seemed to provide a more sufficient name for the show. It’s evolved a great deal since then, with new faces added into the mix each season. In this respect – and others – this season has been the very best. 

Ackley Bridge Season 3: The best yet

If we’re talking new additions to the mix who have made waves, we have to spotlight the academy’s new Director of behaviour, played by Charlie Hardwick. You may remember her as Val Pollard from Emmerdale; she fulfilled the role all the way from 2004 to 2017.

Then, of course, we have to mention Martin Evershed, the new Deputy Head played by Robert James-Collier. Did you recognise him? He’s Downton Abbey‘s very own Thomas Barrow. If you’re not a Downton fan though, then perhaps Liam Connor on Coronation Street will jog your memory. 

They’ve added a lot to the show, but honestly, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster this season, with unexpected deaths and other hard-hitting plot threads proving seriously impactful. However, we may have just witnessed the season’s most poignant moment yet. 


In memory of Lisa Brady

Episode six aired on Tuesday, 23rd July and is yet another reason why season 3 can be considered the best yet. 

There has been a lot of doom and gloom so far, but the ending of this episode for Rukhsana and Spud was simply heartwarming. After much drama, we witness an apology and the pair make up. At a bowling alley, we see them having fun, in the arcades singing on dance mats, just having a really great time. 

It’s a lovely little moment, made all the more charming courtesy of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” playing; upbeat and empowering. However, we then cut to a bright blue screen with the words “In memory of Lisa Brady”, which caused many to recollect the cast’s names. 

It stumped a number of viewers, but fortunately, Kacey Gartside actress Zara Salim took to Twitter to express further respects for her colleague. On Twitter, she said “For those wondering Lisa Brady was one of the chaperones on Ackley Bridge, to us she was so much more than that, she was our rock and one of the most beautiful souls I had the privilege to work with. We love you Lisa, hope we made you very proud.” 

Certainly sad news, but it’s beautiful to see the cast commemorate her memory through her work. 


Ackley Bridge: How many episodes left?

So, when is it all over? It will be a huge shame to bid farewell to the show after its welcome return, but fortunately, there’s still more to go. 

As you’ll likely know, Ackley Bridge airs weekly every Tuesday at 8 pm on channel 4. The sixth episode offered such a beautiful conclusion and fitting tribute, but the story is far from told just yet. Season 3 is comprised of eight episodes in total, so there are still a couple more before we can begin speculating about season 4. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to go on when discussing the next crop of episodes, but considering the show’s recent success, we imagine more is inevitable. 

If you feel like you’ve missed any, you can always catch up on the Channel 4 website. 

In other news, will we see Money Heist return?