Team Rocket Pokémon Go: How to find PokéStops and purify Shadow Pokémon

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A guide for how to find Team Rocket's PokéStops and how to purify Shadow Pokémon in Pokemon Go.

Although it's not the Jessie and James that were heart-throbs in the animated series, Team Rocket has finally infiltrated Pokémon Go by taking over PokéStops and infesting the landscape with Shadow Pokémon. The arrival of this notorious duo was foreseen a while back when a hot air balloon with an eerily familiar R was seen soaring above a fan event.

With the pair having finally made their long-awaited debut in Pokémon Go, trainers across the globe can now find the PokéStops they've overtaken and purify their army of Shadow Pokémon.

Below you'll find out just how to do that.

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Team Rocket Pokémon Go: How to find Jessie and James' PokéStops

Finding the notorious Team Rocket in Pokémon Go can be a bit of a headache, but what you absolutely need is patience, determination, and a keen eye.

For you see, the PokéStops overtaken by Team Rocket are slightly different to the regular ones.

If you look closely enough, you'll soon realise that Team Rocket's PokéStops are a darker shade of blue and they constantly twitch about.

This is how you'll notice and find the Team Rocket PokéStops. Once you've found one of them, you can then approach it and begin combat with a Shadow Pokémon.

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Team Rocket Pokémon Go: How to purify Shadow Pokémon

The Shadow Pokémon encounters are tough battles that pit you up against three Pokémon of the same main type.

Once you've successfully beaten and enslaved a Shadow Pokémon, you will earn Premiere Balls pending on the following criteria per GamePress:

  • 1x Ball Alive Pokemon (maximum of 3)
  • 2 x Ball per Grunt Defeated
  • Bonus Balls per Hero Medal Level
  • Bonus Balls per Purifier Medal Level

Shadow Pokémon boast the charged move Frustration, but you can use Stardust and Candy to purify these unholy Pokémon. Examples floating around the internet consist of 2,000 Stardust and two pieces of Candy to purify.

This will switch Frustration with Return, and this Pokémon will maintain the charged move when evolved.

As for what the benefits of purifying a Shadow Pokémon are, the process will immediately take said Pokémon to level 25 with a 20% second charge move cost reduction.

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