Who plays Rukhsana in Ackley Bridge? What else has she been in?

Ackley Bridge season 3

Rukhsana is at the centre of attention in Ackley Bridge episode 6... but is it for the wrong or right reasons?

Channel 4 series Ackley Bridge rarely fails to light up Tuesday nights with drama, tension and topical talking points.

Corey Wilson's student-teacher affair with replacement headteacher Sian Oakes raised some controversial concerns for audiences in season 3 while the ongoing saga between Corey and Naveed continues to leave audiences longing for a happier ending.

The latest plot twist will see new character Rukhsana Ibrahim embroiled in a family crisis that student support officer Kaneez has difficulty dealing with.

A newbie to the Ackley Bridge scene, here is everything you need to know about Rukhsana's character and the actress behind her portrayal.

Ackley Bridge season 3

What happens in Ackley Bridge episode 6?

Episode 6 will present the opportunity for Rukhsana to finally get revenge on her brother. However, that doesn't mean her rash and impulsive decisions are wise.

Audiences may cheer as the school girl finally brushes aside controlling older brother Yusef but as debt collectors arrive to raid her family house, you can't help but feel sorry for the situation.

Student support officer Kaneez attempts to stand in and fill the missing parental gaps for Rukhsana although reuniting bitter siblings proves a lot harder than first thought. 

Elsewhere, a cruel sex prank stirs drama between Dan, Candice, Cory and Mandy, with Sian Oakes looking to make a statement and exclude someone for their actions.

Who is Rukhsana Ibrahim?

Rukhsana joined Ackley Bridge for season 3 alongside her brother, Yusef Ibrahim (Adrian Nik).

According to her back story, she transferred in correlation with the Valley Trust takeover, whose intervention prevention the school from closure.

She is Year 10 girl who quickly earned a reputation for stirring trouble after running rings around Director of Behaviour Sue (Charlie Hardwick).

Ackley Bridge is at set at the heart of a fictional Yorkshire mill town - the school used for filming was formerly known as St Catherine’s Catholic High School in Holmfield, Halifax.

Ackley Bridge season 3

Who is actress Phoebe Berry?

Phoebe is 16 years old and very much a new and upcoming actress.

She was a student at the Yorkshire School of Acting and graduated from North Huddersfield Trust School, making her the perfect fit the role given her personal upbringing in the area. 

However, according to local paper Examiner Live, the Ackley Bridge role was Pheobe's first-ever screen audition having starred in nothing more than school theatre up to this point.

Phoebe's drama teacher recognised her talent and prompted her to get an agent, although the 16-year-old never thought she could land such a high-profile role. She said: "There were six people going for my role and I thought: 'I'm not going to get it'."

You can follow Phoebe on Instagram under @pheobe_tuffs_berry.

When does the Channel 4 series finish?

There are eight scheduled episodes in Ackley Bridge season 3, with Tuesday, July 23rd marking episode 6.

The series will come to a conclusion on Tuesday, August 6th.

Alternatively, you can catch up with all episodes via the official Channel 4 media player, ALL4.

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