Behind the meaning and origins of 'Sco Pu Tu Manaa' - 2019's latest trend!

Screenshot: Kawoula Biov -Daavi Neba ft Patapaa (Official Video)

Area 51 to bottle cap, floss to cucumber... the latest 2019 trend has arrived at Sco Pu Tu Manaa...

The world of social media is a funny place. Videos going viral, news stories on tap, and a what's trending bar that's updated every minute. You can tweet your opinion at the click of a button for the whole world to see.

From Nicki Minaj's Megatron challenge to the infamous ice bucket challenge, social media has made paved the way for any average Joe to take part in an online challenge and go viral.

In July 2019, the phrase 'Sco Pu Tu Manaa' seems to be everywhere on Twitter, and it looks as though the phrase, that could be in a foreign language, has become a challenge of its own.

So what language is the phrase? What does it mean and where does it come from? We find out the real meaning behind 'Sco Pu Tu Manaa'!

Screenshot: Kawoula Biov -Daavi Neba ft Patapaa (Official Video)

Where does 'Sco Pu Tu Manaa' come from?

The phrase 'Sco Pu Tu Manaa' can be found in the lyrics of a song from Ghanian musicians Kawoula Biov and Patapaa. The song is called 'Daavi Neba' and the phrase is used as a lyric.

The song can be found here on YouTube and rapper Patapaa is known for rapping jibberish in his songs.

What does 'Sco Pu Tu Manaa' mean?

The scattering of the phrase all over the internet has left social media users more than confused.

According to Urban Dictionary, it's literally Ghanaian gibberish and has no meaning.

However, the gibberish soon turned into a craze as people started filming themselves singing the song. On social media, this is known as the 'Scopatmanaa challenge'.

'Sco Pu Tu Manaa' on Twitter

A Twitter user took to the internet to ask: "What does “Sco pu tu manaa” mean? I keep seeing it down my tl. I wanna take a guess and say it means “what’s your opinion” but idk. Someone educate me".

According to Urban Dictionary, the phrase has "now become an Internet slang to ask an opinion or experience over a particular subject".

So if we had to hazard a guess as to what the made-up phrase has become, it seems to be a way of asking social media users for their opinion on something!

You can follow hitmaker Kawoula Biov on Twitter as well as Patapaa here.

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