The Star Trek: Picard trailer dropped a pretty huge reveal and fans couldn’t be happier.

“Have you ever been a stranger to yourself?” Identity has long been a fascination in science fiction, particularly Star Trek. In turn, the show itself is a huge part of many sci-fi enthusiasts’ identity, and there appears to be a celebration in the midst. 

Over the decades, audiences have been blown away by the innovation of 2001: A Space Odyssey, the tech-noir of Blade Runner, the philosophical questions of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris. Of course, these are all great works of sci-fi cinema, but really, the home of the genre has long been on the small screen too, and Star Trek has had such a significant role in that. 

The series debuted in 1966 and was immediately influential on popular culture, cultivating a fanbase rivalled only by the likes of Star Wars. To consider the franchise a phenomenon would be a naive understatement; it’s far more than that. As it has evolved and grown, we’ve seen it change considerably, with spin-offs and new movies, with the more recent Star Trek Beyond being just one example. 

It has gifted the genre with an abundance of memorable imagery, characters and dialogue, but it’s not something which will simply fade away. As we’re still learning, Star Trek isn’t something that will just cease. 

Star Trek: Picard 

We’ve seen outstanding actors like Chris Pine (Hell Or High Water), Benedict Cumberbatch (Avengers: Infinity War) and beyond make their mark on the Star Trek canvas. However, we’re averting our attention from the big screen back to those in our homes for Star Trek: Picard. 

According to Wikipedia, the CBS All Access show takes place at the end of the 24th century; twenty years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. The plot has been kept finely under wraps for some time now, but in the wake of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, we’ve finally been given the chance to dig into what the exciting new show has to offer. 

As you may have guessed, we’re back and centred upon the legendary Jean-Luc Picard, reprised by the one-and-only Patrick Stewart (Logan). He’s franchise royalty and seeing him in the trailer will no doubt lure everyone into checking this out. In its opening frames, we see him opening a door as if to welcome us back to the character. It’s a magical little moment, and we’re sure it’ll be one of many…

Jeri Ryan is back!

Why are we so sure? Because they delivered an even better one soon after. 

Picard is back in the spotlight, we have a crew, we have a cause, and we have that unmistakeable Star Trek vibe; it’s a world we’ll never be done exploring. There are some great moments in the trailer, but one really steals the spotlight. 

“What the hell are you doing here Picard? Saving the galaxy?” That voice… is that her? Curious, he turns around, only to reveal a sure grin – blink and you’d miss it. Then, Seven of Nine is revealed. The character was a fan-favourite and regular on Star Trek: Voyager, which lasted for seven seasons and proved to be one of the most satisfying additions to the wider Star Trek franchise. 

For fans, the reveal of her return for Star Trek: Picard was an obvious highlight, and safe to say, we can’t wait to see actress Jeri Ryan back to bring us up to speed. Where has she been?

After Seven of Nine

Voyager originally aired in 1995 and ran to 2001, with Jeri Ryan also appearing in the final crop of episodes. 

So, what has the actress been in since then? Well, the answer is a lot! She starred in a great number of TV shows, such as Boston Public (Ronnie Cooke), The OC (Charlotte Morgan), Shark (Jessica Devlin), Body of Proof (Kate Murphy), Helix (Constance Sutton) and more. 

Most recently though, you may recognise her as Veronica Allen from Bosch, the critically acclaimed Amazon Original series. As you can see, it’s been work, work, work since departing from the iconic vessel Voyager. Fans are thrilled to have her back as Seven of Nine, and in wake of the recent trailer, hopes are incredibly high. 

Star Trek: Picard – all ten episodes – are expected to arrive in 2020. 

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