Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Harry Winks suffered injury woes last season.

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Harry Winks has told the Daily Mail that he doesn’t think his career is heading the same way as Jack Wilshere’s.

Winks started in today’s 3-2 win over Juventus, helping Mauricio Pochettino’s side pick up a victory in Singapore.

The midfielder endured a tough campaign last season, as injuries curtailed his impact and limited him to just 17 Premier League starts – less than half of Tottenham’s league games.

The 23-year-old is back now, and looking to gear up for the new season, but there are still fears that he could end up going through more injury hell soon.

He doesn’t even have to look far to see another player who has gone through similar. English, based in London and touted for a huge future, there are certain parallels to Jack Wilshere.

Now with West Ham, Wilshere – a long-term bitter rival of Tottenham’s – was a huge talent at Arsenal, but saw his career ravaged by injuries, and fans won’t want the same thing to happen to Winks.

Winks has now been asked whether he thinks he could end up going the same way as Wilshere, who struggles to play more than 15 Premier League games.

Winks has completely shot that idea down, believing there’s no comparison to Wilshere, believing that he has just been unfortunate rather than having long-term concerns.

“No, not at all.” said Winks. “I’ve had some unfortunate injuries but that’s football. Every player can get them. I’ve put it to the back of my head and have no ongoing problems. As long as I can keep my body on top of things and get the right amount of rest and recovery, things will take care of themselves,” he added.

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