What happened to Belle Delphine's Instagram? Why is she banned?

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Everything you need to know about what happened to Belle Delphine's Instagram and why she is currently banned from the platform.

Belle Delphine, the biggest troll on the internet and self-proclaimed "gamer girl", has had her 15-minutes of fame through earning a month's salary by selling bathwater she frolicked about in. Following this sensation, people attempted to sell "Belle Delphine's pee" for $10k, and the internet celebrity had to respond to accusations that she gave over 50 people herpes. Now she has been banned from Instragam.

Those seeking to access the 19-year-old personality's Instagram account have been met with the "User not found" statement rather than the assortment of suggestive images one would expect.

But why has she been banned from Instagram and will she be back?

Belle Delphine

What happened to Belle Delphine Instagram?

Belle Delphine is an internet personality famous for cosplaying as D.VA from Overwatch, messing about with dead squids, and pretending to be a cat on Snapchat.

She's also - in some people's eyes - infamous for selling her bathwater online and creating nonstop hoopla surrounding YouTubers and their reactions.

Her Instagram account had over three-million followers and it contained a plethora of unique images.

Unfortunately for her fans, Delphine's Instagram account has been taken down.

Why is Belle Delphine banned on Instagram? Why was her account deleted?

Instagram have banned Belle Delphine for supposedly violating their Community Guidelines.

A Reddit post shows how a user reported Delphine's account for hosting nudity and pornographic content. This report was made on July 17, only two days before fans noticed her Instragam account had been deleted.

Belle Delphine Instagram Account Reported 1

The reporter received the following reply from Instagram: "Thanks for reporting this account. We've removed it from Instagram because it violated our Community Guidelines. Your feedback is important in helping us keep the Instagram community safe."

Belle Delphine 3

Will Belle Delphine return to Instagram?

It's currently unknown whether Belle Delphine will ever get her Instagram account back.

Despite her photos showing skin and being what the kids today call "lewd," they were never full on nudity so the internet celebrity could potentially appeal the decision if the suspension is designed to be permanent.

Fans of the Overwatch cosplayer can still access her Twitter, YouTube, and Patreon.

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