A bunch of YouTubers under Kian and Jc’s roof; what could possibly go wrong?

If you’ve been enjoying Love Island, wait until you get a load of this!

Whenever we’re talking YouTube success stories, this collaborative duo always seems to be at the forefront of it all. American friends Kian Lawley and JC Caylen are very well known for their shared channel KianAndJc, which currently boasts a whopping 3,424,883 subscribers; these are figures which most aspiring online video personalities dream of.

Of course, the key is keeping things fresh and maintaining a range of content. In this sense, Kian and JC pretty much have the “challenge” scene in the palm of their hands, always willing to try out new stuff. 

They’re perhaps best known for their The Last YouTuber to Leave the Box competition, but they’ve done lots over the years, from the Ice Bath Challenge to the Hot Candle Wax Challenge. Now, they’re bringing the fans a new twist on an old tale.

What is Kian and JC’s new show?

If reality shows have taught us anything, it’s that sticking a camera on a bunch of people for days on end can be explosive and puzzlingly entertaining. 

Essentially, shows like Big Brother are a social experiment engineered for entertainment, rather than coming up with any conclusions; the findings are basically audience enjoyment. We’ve seen it done recently – to great success – with Love Island, but now, we’re ready to see these YouTubers tackle a similar formula. 

Kian and JC’s latest offering is a ten-part series which sees thirteen YouTubers come together in one house in aims to win a $25,000 prize. As Distractify highlights, they’ve said that “People will be voting, people will be going head-to-head in eliminations, people will be doing challenges, and we as the content creators and the hosts of said projects have twists and turns along the way that will freak the motherf**kin’ YouTubers out.” 

It sounds like a recipe for success, so who’s along for the ride?

Kian and JC’s Big Brother: Cast

Thirteen YouTuber’s will go head-to-head in the competition, with only one winner. Check out the contestants below:

Jake Webber: His channel has 756,135 subscribers, with his Instagram attracting an impressive 536k followers. 

Elijah Daniel: YouTube channel – 589,088 subscribers, Instagram – 41.2k followers. 

Chad Tepper: YouTube channel – 1,123,787 subscribers, Instagram – 1.6m followers. 

Corey La Barrie: YouTube channel – 330,149 subscribers, Instagram – 175k followers. 

Zach Clayton: YouTube channel – 1,793,065 subscribers, Instagram – 2.5m followers. 

Trisha Paytas: YouTube channel – 4,793,659 subscribers, Instagram – 2.5m followers. 

Sarah Baska: YouTube channel – 1,444,828 subscribers, Instagram – 585k followers. 

Jenn McAllister: YouTube channel – 3,607,777 subscribers, Instagram – 1.6m followers. 

Dominic DeAngelis: YouTube channel – 1,205,945 subscribers, Instagram – 333k followers.

Cray Cray Roc: YouTube channel – 61,521 subscribers, Instagram – 27.2k followers. 

Crawford Collins: YouTube channel – 340,934 subscribers, Instagram – 1.1m followers. 

Lauren Riihimaki: YouTube channel – 9,058,074 subscribers, Instagram – 5.1m followers. 

Kristen McAtee: YouTube channel – 1,125,945 subscribers, Instagram – 1.3m followers. 


When is it on?

It’s being called “Last Youtuber To Leave The House Wins $25,000” and it has finally arrived!

The competition premieres on Friday, July 19 at 12 p.m. PS, on YouTube, of course. Following the premiere, episodes will become available every Friday, same time. Be sure to check it out and follow them all on Insta; if you haven’t subscribed to their channels already, why not check them out. 

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