A guide to how to complete the challenges and unlock the new skins for Overwatch Summer Games 2019.

While the Fortnite community is currently embracing the conclusion of season 9 and the arrival of season 10, the Overwatch fanbase have their own Summer Games 2019 festivity to participate in. This event brings about new challenges and an assortment of fresh skins from Blizzard.

How to unlock the new skins from Overwatch Summer Games 2019

The Overwatch Summer Games 2019 has arrived and it brings another round of Lucioball with a range of new skins, emotes, highlight intros, and other cosmetics.

Blizzard has added seven new skins altogether, with four of them being legendary and three being Epic.

A way of unlocking these fresh Legendary Skins is by opening loot boxes during the Summer Games festivity.

Meanwhile, the Epic range can only be unlocked by completing the festival’s challenges for which there are three every week.

You can find all the challenges and their rewards below.

Week 1: July 16 – 22

Win 3 games – Shark Attack Spray

Win 6 games – Punchimari icon

Win 9 games – American Reaper Skin

Week 2: July 23 – 29

Win 3 games – Snorkeling Spray

Win 6 games – Tennismari icon

Win 9 games -Zhongguo Mei Skin

Week 3: July 30 – August 5

Win 3 games – Sand Castle Spray

Win six games – Footballmari icon

Win 9 games – Bundesadler Reinhardt skin

And that’s all there is to it. The challenges are straightforward and the American Reaper costume in particular is a badass reward.

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