The FaceApp challenge applied to video games with terrifying results for old Tomb Raider, Peter Parker, Ellie, Triss, and more.

The FaceApp challenge has come under a lot of scrutiny for supposedly being a gateway for Russians to invade people’s privacy, yet that still hasn’t stopped millions of men and women using it to turn themselves into old dinosaurs that yell at the clouds. Because I have no interest in making myself resemble the Grinch more than I already do, I thought it would be a good waste of time to turn some of the most famous video game characters into grandmas and granddads. And, for the likes of Tomb Raider, the results are as scary as you’d imagine.

Video game characters are becoming more and more eerily realistic with every passing year, so it’s interesting to see how the FaceApp figures they’d look if they ever become old, grey, and frail.

Fortunately, you can prevent yourself from seeing an old Lara Croft by exiting this article and returning to the never-aging Tomb Raider that resides in the jungle. But, if you can’t resist seeing what Lara, Nathan Drake, Ellie, and other video game characters would look like if they weren’t blessed with eternal beauty, then proceed ahead.

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FaceApp challenge video game characters: Tomb Raider, Uncharted, The Last Of Us, Final Fantasy VII

Before moving onto the aged faces that will make you lambast the FaceApp’s existence for ruining your favourite video game men and women, we should first check out the hunks that aged as well as a fine wine.

Deacon from Days Gone looks withered and battered, but he also resembles an old man that you wouldn’t dare cross. His grey beard is awesome and his backwards cap retains some of his youth; he’s definitely an old-ass biker who wouldn’t subjected to the ridicule of a being a Wild Hog.

As impressive as Deacon looks, Uncharted 4‘s Nathan Drake is the sexier video game granddad. He’s still chiselled and handsome, and he’s left his hair natural instead of dyeing it brown in a desperate effort to fool people into thinking he’s young.

In addition, Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn looks appropriately fine with her matured features and fiery hair.

Unfortunately, those are the only three video game characters that came out of this experiment with any dignity.

Lara Croft doesn’t appear happy to have aged with her once stunning and bland expression having turned into an angry frown. She’s definitely no longer the naive explorer that approached her modern trilogy with such enthusiasm and a passion for life.

Meanwhile, Cloud from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake looks like a terrifying grandma straight out of a horror movie, and Tifa resembles a black-haired cougar.

But, if you thought Tifa and Lara Croft aged terribly, then I’m sorry for what you’re about to see with The Last Of Us‘ Ellie and The Witcher 3‘s Triss.

Ellie is an old woman with even sadder eyes than those at the beginning of the Titanic, but Triss is an old lass given British teeth.

As for the blokes, the worst is undoubtedly Peter Parker who turned into Uncle Ben from Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie.

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