Bianca Devins’ death has shocked the online world but this is not the first time a murder like this has taken place

The online world has been left in shock after the murder of 17-year-old Instagram influencer and ‘e-girl’ Bianca Devins on Sunday, July 14th where photos of her body were then shared online to social media sites such as Instagram and Discord. 

However, the brutal act and reasoning behind it offers up some stark comparisons to a similar murder back in 2016, the concert killing of singer and internet celebrity Christina Grimmie.

Like Bianca Devins, Christina Grimmie had a large online following and was killed leaving family, friends and fans in total disbelief at how such an event could happen. 

Lessons should have been learned then but the recent death of Bianca Devins clearly shows this has not been the case. 

Christina Grimmie’s death

Christina Grimmie, who died aged 22, was a growing YouTube and singing sensation. She earned a whopping four million subscribers on YouTube and her talent was such that she won herself a place on the 2014 season of The Voice US, ending up in third place in the final. 

Two years down the line, on June 10th, 2016, Christina Grimmie was performing at a concert, supporting the band Before You Exit, at a venue in Orlando, Florida. 

During a fan meet-and-greet session after the concert, Christina was confronted by an obsessed fan, Kevin James Loibl, who shot the singer as she opened her arms to hug him.

After a brief struggle with Christina’s brother, Loibl broke free before shooting himself dead.

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Bianca Devins’ death

Fast-forward three years and we have another similar event on our hands with the death of 17-year-old Instagram influencer Bianca Devins.

On the night of Saturday, July 13th, 2019, Bianca reportedly attended a concert in her hometown of Utica, New York, alongside a pair of friends.

One of those accompanying her on the night was believed to be Brandon Andrew Clark whom she had met approximately two months prior on the social media site Instagram.

It is understood that Clark, 21, had offered to drive Bianca to and from the concert in question but the 17-year-old never made it home. 

Sources state that Clark apparently grew angry with Bianca after having sexual advances rejected and is alleged to have killed her and shared photos of her body online. 

It was reported by The Sun that Utica police officers found Clark wielding a knife and that he attempted to commit suicide but was taken to hospital for emergency surgery.

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The underlying problem

In both instances, it would appear that Christina Grimmie and Bianca Devins were killed for similar reasons. 

As several sources have stated, it would appear that both Loidl and Bianca Devins’ alleged killer Brandon Clark were both infatuated with their respective victims.

Unfortunately, this is a worrying trend that is only growing with further use of social media.

The problem arises through – as an example – a possibly insecure male following an attractive female on a social media site such as Instagram. Over time, the male may grow obsessed with the female and could well begin to think that if they can’t have relations with this female, then no one else can. In turn, this could well lead to similar events to what we’ve mentioned here.

As social media is a relatively new phenomenon, not everyone has quite grasped the sheer size and scale of the problems that can arise from it.

While most people are taught about keeping private data safe, the possibility of being murdered by an obsessed follower is something that is not really explored and this is something that somehow needs to change; especially if nothing is being done to tackle the mental health issues that cause obsessed followers to seek violent solutions in the first place.

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