What is the Create-a-Sim mode for The Sims 4 July 2019 update that will soon arrive on PS4?

Despite being nearly five-years-old which is pretty much 50 in video game terms, The Sims 4 still boasts a passionate community of mischievous wretches who enjoy pulling the strings of computer- generated puppets. And, following the arrival of its Island Living expansion, the game’s PlayStation 4 fanbase has another July 2019 update to anticipate; a significant patch that will soon introduce the exciting Create-a-Sim mode.

Following the Island Living expansion, The Sims 4 New Look is said to be a dramatic update that will bring about new box art and unique features.

One of these much anticipated features is the Create-a-Sim mode that will alter how you go about creating your playground of idiots.

The Sims 4 PS4 Update July 2019: What is Create-a-Sim mode?

The Island Living expansion arrived on consoles yesterday alongside a patch that introduced Alexa Skills, but it was only the PC community that received the New Look update. This is because the New Look expansion will arrive on PlayStation 4 at a later date.

Reportedly, the New Look update for July 2019 adds over a thousand new items to the Build and Buy category.

In addition, this patch also introduces a fresh main menu and loading screen, as well as the unique Create-a-Sim story mode.

One of the highlights of The Sims has always been creating deformed monstrosities to torture or the ideal family to build-up and then destroy.

This has forever made The Sims a must-play franchise because of its crazy amount of customisation options, yet the new Create-a-Sim mode will make this feature even more captivating and replayable.

EA’s Create-a-Sim mode is essentially an optional way to create your inhabitants. Instead of just creating your Sims family the old fashioned way, the unique mode will add a personality quiz that will shape how the game creates a Sim by itself.

The mode has ten questions which will provide personality and traits to any man, woman, and child before they venture into the game’s wilderness.

As you’d expect, these questions determine every individual’s aspirations, traits, career, and skills, meaning you shouldn’t answer questions from your own perspective if you want to create the best Sim possible.

Game Revolution has provided some examples of the impending questions:

  • What age am I?
  • What do I most want to do on a trip to Selvadora?
  • I’ve found an ancient relic of some kind
  • My friends need someone to watch their child…
  • The best music…
  • As a child, I wanted to work…
  • It’s my friend’s birthday. What do I do for them?

As someone who enjoys taking the odd personality quiz when ridiculously bored, this is an exciting addition that will allow for some freaky Sims to be made.

There’s no release date for consoles, but the PlayStation 4 community can enjoy the Island Living expansion while they wait.

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