The new cheat EA has introduced to The Sims 4 through the game’s July 2019 update.

As if a reminder was at all necessary, one of the greatest things about The Sims 4 and The Sims franchise in general is the ridiculous amount of crazy cheats. There’s cheats for attaining infinite money and free houses despite being more rich than an overpaid footballer, and EA has introduced another cheat through the game’s July 2019 update.

But, before you go on to learn what this new cheat is, you should first be aware of what the New Look July 2019 update brings with its Create-a-Sim mode.

The Sims 4 July 2019 update adds a new cheat

The Sims 4 PC community has received a lot of goodies this July 2019 with the Island Living expansion and the New Look update.

And it’s the latter which brings about a new cheat that players may or may not want to take advantage of.

Cheats and mods have always been the most charming and must utilise components of The Sims and The Sims 4 because they make the game so much more exciting and effortless than real life.

Infinite money cheats allow players to free their puppets from the penny saving thralldom that comes with employment, meanwhile free house cheats allow gamers to be generous gods that grant stunning abodes without money being an obstacle.

Furthermore, there are also cheats that make it substantially easier for a couple to get together when one is subjected to the other playing hardball.

On top of all this, EA has introduced another lifehack with the July 2019 New Look update.

Per the official patch notes which discuss what has been fixed and what unique modes New Look introduces, a new cheat has been added to the experience.

The new cheat unlocks a jaw-dropping number of objects said to be around 1,200. These objects are environmental decorations such as rocks, trees, bushes, and signs.

Going by the description provided, one issue players may face with having this cheat enabled is seeing Sims walk through these solid objects.

To enable this cheat, you simply open the cheat console and insert “bb.showliveeditobjects”. As for disabling it, you do the same but with “bb.showliveeditobjects false”.

The New Look July 2019 update arrived on PC yesterday along with the Island Living expansion, and you will need to ensure that all mods and custom content are removed before updating your copy of The Sims 4.

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