Is Clique renewed for season 3? Fans of BBC thriller want more!

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Clique is currently getting a re-run on BBC One, could it be a sign of an upcoming series 3?

The BBC Three series Clique has made its way onto BBC One this July with the second series hitting the channel at 10:35pm on Monday, July 15th for a set of re-runs after the show premiered on the online channel BBC Three back in November 2018.

Clique isn't the first series to be promoted from the online BBC Three to the big leagues of BBC One with the completely brilliant Fleabag earning a run on the channel after starting out online as well.

The show has earned a cult following since its initial launch back in 2017 and the BBC will surely be hoping that a re-run on BBC One can drive up demand for a possible third series.

Here's all we know about the show and the chances of a third season heading our way at some point in the future.

What's Clique about?

Clique primarily tells the story of Holly, an ambitious young woman who has just begun life at university in Edinborough alongside childhood friend Georgia.

The pair end up joining a notorious and exclusive clique of elite girls led by one of the university's young lecturers who has ties to a mysterious organisation know as Solasta Finance, a move which drives the pair apart as Holly begins to unravel the corrupt and sordid underbelly of the organisation.

After unravelling the Solasta Women's Initiative in season 1, the second series sees Holly form a relationship with a close-knit group of men on the university campus that opens up into its own fascinating scandal.

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Is Clique getting a third season?

As things stand, there is no news of a potential third series for the BBC thriller. 

Neither the BBC or production company Balloon Entertainment have teased any details about a new season.

However, thanks to the fact that season 2 ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger after some pretty climactic events, it wouldn't come as a surprise if it was to be given a much sought-after series 3. 

As mentioned earlier, the fact that the BBC are re-running the second series on BBC One at the moment would suggest that they are testing the waters about seeing the show return for another series, something its devoted fans would surely love to see.

Clique Series 2

How to watch

Clique arrived on BBC One with the first two episodes of the second series hitting screens on Monday July 15th and Tuesday July 16th. The rest of the series and the whole of season 1 are available to watch on BBC iPlayer right now.

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