Year of the Rabbit: Writers hint at a series 2!

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Matt Berry has been working his magic again on Year of the Rabbit but does it deserve a second series?

The first series of Channel 4's Year of the Rabbit has come to an end after six highly entertaining and intriguing episodes that have hit our screens in the past few weeks.

We've been captivated by Inspector Rabbit's (Matt Berry) unorthodox methods of crime-fighting as well as the superb supporting cast that have brought the series to life in brilliantly hilarious fashion.

But can we expect to see another series of Year of the Rabbit somewhere down the line??

What's Year of the Rabbit about?

Year of the Rabbit is a period police comedy set it in Victorian London and features an abundance of over the stereotypes and one or two unusual cameo appearances.

The series stars Matt Berry, famed for his unique and booming voice, as Detective Inspector Rabbit, a boozed-up and world-weary copper with a no-nonsense attitude.

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Joining him are Freddie Fox as his loyal if inexperienced partner Strauss and Susan Wokoma as Mabel Wisbech, the daughter of the show's police chief who is just as qualified for police work as her male counterparts despite the reservations of her father and other men on the team.

In the first few episodes, we've seen Keeley Hawes' Lydia scheming away in the background while Rabbit and co. are off solving crimes. That subplot is likely to continue developing as the series progresses over the next few episodes.

Year Of The Rabbit - Keeley Hawes

Could we be getting a series 2?

Speaking to Digital Spy, Year of the Rabbit's writers, Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley revealed that a series 2 could possibly be on the way, although nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

The writers revealed that they have some ideas "sketched out" but are waiting for the green light before they proceed further.

"It's a lot of work, so it's not like we've got all the stories [planned out] until we get the nod," Riley told Digital Spy. "When we get the nod, we will be working those out in earnest."

It's certainly a promising sign for those of us who have been following Year of the Rabbit's progress over the past six weeks as the show has delivered up some truly side-splitting moments.

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