When does Xbox Summer Sale 2019 end? Huge discounts on over 700 games!

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Microsoft's Xbox Summer Sale 2019 includes fantastic discounts for the likes of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry 5, but when does it end?

Not one to miss out on the terrific Summer Sales of 2019 hosted by a slew of companies such as Epic Games, Steam and Amazon Prime, Microsoft has now joined in on the act of giving with their Super Game Sale. And yes, it includes a plethora of jaw-dropping discounts for amazing AAA titles such as Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry 5, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and a ton more.

However, as much as we all wish the discounts could be available forever, there is an end date for the Super Game Sale.

So, to help you use your time wisely and come out of the occasion with the best games, below you'll find Microsoft's end date and some of their most attractive deals.

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When does Xbox Summer Sale 2019 end?

Because no man, woman, or company wants to be seen as less charitable than the competition, Microsoft has now decided to run their very own Summer Sale 2019 with the Super Games Sale.

Every game on the Xbox store is discounted by up to 70%, but there's an additional 10% discount on select titles for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

In order to take full advantage of the generous discounts, you'll need to purchase one of the listed games from the Xbox store before July 29.

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Best Xbox Summer Sale 2019 deals

The Xbox Super Game Sale 2019 provides staggering discounts on over 700 games and add-ons.

Not only does this mean there's more than a handful of discounted titles, but it also means that there's a good chance you'll be able to buy specific games that have been stuck in your backlog for way too long.

Forza Horizon 4 (50% off), The Division 2 (35% off), RAGE 2 (25% off), and NieR: Automate BECOME AS GODS Edition (33% off) can all be bought along with the first Red Dead Redemption (57% off).

But, if I was to recommend games to people that hadn't played anything in years, I'd vouch for titles such as Shadow Of The Tomb Raider (67% off at £18.14), Sea Of Thieves: Anniversary Edition (50% off at £19.99), Devil May Cry 5 (30% at £31.99), and Cuphead (20% off at £13.99).

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider because of its survival elements, gorgeous scenery and exploration coupled with innovative puzzles, and Sea Of Thieves because Rare has finally made it a legitimate game that is better than good.

Devil May Cry 5 because it's the year's most stylish, sexy, and sadistic game of the year so far, and Cuphead because it's a tribute to when cartoons were actually creative, bold and good.

Furthermore, I'd also recommend The Outer Wilds (20% off at £16.79) as it's the year's best title and something PS4 players are rightfully begging for.

Abzu (50% off at £7.99) is also a stunning experience as the Journey of underwater games, and Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons (70% of at £4.99) boasts a captivating and emotional story that leaves an impact.

You can check out the full list of sales by clicking here.

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