Update 6.72 for the PS4 has arrived today, but Sony gamers will be more interested in patch 6.80 and when it’ll exit its beta phase.

While Microsoft has given the Xbox One community a Summer Sale with jaw-dropping discounts for AAA titles such as Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry 5, Sony has today released update 6.72 for the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot to say about this patch, meaning the PlayStation community won’t see any new features arrive until update 6.80 exits its beta.

PS4 update 6.72 patch notes

So, what exactly does PS4 update 6.72 do?

What new features does it bring to the table that will make gaming this summer more mandatory than excellent titles such as The Sinking City, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, and Days Gone with its latest patch?

As you probably will have guessed from my shameless waffling, update 6.72 is merely released to improve system performance.

That’s right, it does nothing more than take up 442 MB.

When will PS4 update 6.80 be out of beta?

Despite how update 6.80 was said to be the next PS4 update four days ago, it’s still currently locked off in beta.

Segment Next reports that beta testers over on Reddit have announced that the firmware’s test phase has concluded, but there’s no release date for the patch as of yet.

While update 6.72 offers up zero excitement, update 6.80 will bring a new and worthwhile addition according to its preview.

In addition to improved audio quality in voice chat, update 6.80 will allow a total of 16 players to enter a sole party rather than the traditional eight.

Furthermore, the update will also provide chat transcription features along with new accessibility options.

Again, there’s nothing substantial to report for when update 6.80 will become available for the public to download and install, but hopefully it isn’t too far away.

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