The new appraisal update 0.149.0 has been dubbed the greatest QoL patch in Pokemon Go history for a very specific reason.

While the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite army is understandably giddy about the Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event and their upcoming Community Day, the Pokémon Go fanbase is busy gushing over Niantic’s update 0.149.0 and its new appraisal system.

There’s a lot to be excited about for Pokémon Go players with the Suicune raid day set to arrive next month after the game’s festival in Yokohama, Japan, but the mobile title’s latest update will first bring about a bunch of quality-of-life improvements that will make the experience of being a trainer less of a headache.

In short, Niantic’s new appraisal system will work wonders in unravelling the convoluted knots that are Pokémon Go‘s Individual Value stats.

New appraisal update 0.149.0 is “greatest in Pokémon Go history”

Individual Values (which will now be referred to as IVs) are randomised stats that can influence the power of any given Pokémon.

Each Pokémon has IVs that range from 1 to 15, and these stats determine each furries’ strength compared to those of the same species and weight class.

Unfortunately, it has always been a pain in the backside to check the IVs of every Pokémon through Niantic’s convoluted appraisal system.

Thanks to using text-based cues rather than specific stats, Pokémon Go‘s appraisal system is an indecipherable mess.

However, Niantic’s update 0.149.0 will soon change this with a new appraisal system that will make everybody’s life as a Pokémon trainer that much easier.

And you’ll quickly see why members of The Silph Road (a community-based research group) have prematurely pitched it as possibly “the greatest QoL update in Pokémon GO history”.

In addition to allowing players to check IVs for numerous Pokémon in just a matter of seconds through simple scrubs, update 0.149.0 will also deliver a new appraisal system that shows bars for stats pertaining to Attack, Defense, and Stamina.

You can check out a video of this new appraisal system on Reddit.

Along with a new appraisal system, Pokémon Go update 0.149.0 will additionally provide changes to charged attacks in PvP combat.

Instead of mercilessly tapping on your screen to charge your attacks and increase your damage, the new update will force you to swipe to smash various symbols.

Niantic’s 0.149.0 update is currently rolling out to Android users and will shortly arrive on other platforms.

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