A guide to the dates and rewards for Niantic’s upcoming Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event for Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

The last Brilliant Event for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite had members of the Ministry of Magic hunting for Snargaluffs and Young Acromantulas, and the upcoming Potter’s Calamity will again have players frantically wandering about their locales to unlock exclusive rewards. But what goodies will the occasion provide and what dates are they exclusive to? You’ll find out everything there is to know so far in this brief guide.

But, before taking notes on when the Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event takes place and what it’ll boast, you should first click here to discover how to find and defeat Werewolves before they disappear until next month.

In addition, you should also be aware that Niantic is launching its first ever Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Day very soon.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event date and rewards

The very first Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event finished last week and it had robed witches and wizards across the globe hunting for an assortment of Brilliant Foundables and Brilliant Fragments.

While that event only lasted for one week from July 3-10, the upcoming Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event will be a two week extravaganza.

The first week is scheduled to run from July 16-23, meanwhile week two will commence on July 30 and culminate on August 6 (both weeks start and end at 11:00 Pacific Time).

As for rewards, Niantic has shared on Reddit that completing the event’s challenges will unlock plenty of Gold, Restricted Section Books, and a new Ministry Portrait Lens.

And that’s not all as the team responsible for making grown men and women roam the outside with twigs for wands and crayoned scars on their foreheads also teased that there will be more goodies.

None of the tasks have been revealed as of yet, but it’d probably be safe to assume that they’ll involve unlocking Port Keys and completing Fortress challenges.

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