Who is Nadiya Hussain? The charming TV chef with recipes we’ll learn today and love tomorrow.

Ever thought about going on The Great British Bake Off and showing the judges what you’ve got? Well, Nadiya Hussain is proof of just how far that attitude can take you. 

To some extent, most of us are all pretty enticed by the wonderful world of cooking. The aforementioned TV series makes it look challenging but ultimately rewarding; let’s be honest, who hasn’t thought about what dish they’d cook up if they went on… 

A number of contestants over the years have fuelled our passion for the culinary arts, and a number of chefs have encouraged to get brave in the kitchen, even if some of Gordon Ramsay’s more eruptive displays have scared us a little! Needless to say, there are some great cooks out there, and one of the most notable of recent years has been TV personality Nadiya Hussain. 

The chef has gradually risen to prominence over the last few years, so let’s take a look at how she became such an important face on food lovers’ screens everywhere.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales speaks with Nadiya Hussain as he attends the Fortnum & Mason Food & Drink awards, held at Fortnum & Mason on May 16, 2019 in London, England.

Who is Nadiya Hussain?

Hussain is a 34-year-old British TV chef who swiftly became well known while competing on The Great British Bake Off; you may also recognise her from The One Show and also as the former co-host of The Big Family Cooking Showdown. She eventually went on to win the acclaimed competitive cooking show in 2015 and has since appeared in numerous TV productions, some of which she’s helmed. 

Over the last five years, she’s been the proud face of Nadiya’s British Food Adventure, which ran for eight episodes and featured her travelling around Britain in search of talented foodie figures. It aired on the BBC in 2017 but, they would also put out another of her series the following year. 

Nadiya’s Family Favourites also boasted eight episodes, airing in the summer of 2018 to the delight of her growing fanbase. The series took a refreshing, stripped back approach and featured four recipes each episode. The show really reinforced that Nadiya was a welcome TV personality and not just a great chef, so it’s no surprise to hear that another of her shows has arrived on screens. 


Nadiya’s Time To Eat

That’s right, Nadiya is back with a brand new show for 2019!

Nadiya’s Time To Eat will take viewers on another foodie journey, inspiring passion in the kitchen whether you’re in a rush or simply seeking something mouth-wateringly new to liven up lunchtime. 

This six-episode series aims to highlight some wonderful recipes which don’t require hours of attention and stress to conjure up. Nadiya will showcase a number of dishes that are easy to prepare and pleasantly affordable; after all, good food never has to be expensive. It’s sure to prove enlightening, and if her previous shows have proven anything, we’re sure to have some future-favourites offered to us by an ever-friendly face. 

So, when can you catch it?

When is it on?

Episode one of six will air on BBC Two on Monday, July 15th, 2019 at 8 pm.

This one’s titled “Recipes in a Rush” and focuses on food you can cook up when pressed for time. Over this half-hour instalment, we’ll find out how to turn pancakes into a raspberry and peanut butter traybake. Then, Nadiya makes a delicious omelette wrap with some gorgeous additions that we can try out in just ten minutes. 

That’s not all though. She’ll be making haddock, roast potatoes and more, all while meeting some lovely, like-minded food lovers. It will also be available to catch up with on BBC iPlayer after it’s aired, so there’s no reason to miss out!

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