BBC One has delivered another harrowing new drama, but where was Dark Money filmed?

Suffering in a world of secrets, the silent slowly but surely suffocate. In recent memory, there has been a surge in victims speaking out, detailing the abuse and torment they have suffered at the hands of public figures. These cases are incredibly important and highlight a glaring issue that has long been relatively unsung. 

So much has been written about the Time’s Up Movement and similar stands, but we’re also seeing more dramas touch upon essential themes of abuse. 

At the moment, BBC One’s Dark Money – stylised as Dark Mon£y – is the latest TV mini-series to touch upon the subject. It paints a tragic picture of parents who accept money to remain quiet after their son is abused by a filmmaker. The series is hard-hitting, tragic, and quite sadly, far too resonant. 

Will millions of pounds make living with what happened any easier? Will greed always prevail over justice? These are heavy questions but are necessary to ask; this is essential viewing. 

BBC’s Dark Money: Cast

Babou Ceesay brings great emotional depth to the character of the father, Manny, which is no surprise. He’s been in some great films, featuring in the likes of Ben Wheatley’s star-studded comedy Free Fire, 2015’s Eye in the Sky and the 2006 horror comedy Severance – starring alongside Brie Larson, Danny Dyer, Jack O’Connell and many more across his career. 

Jill Halfpenny plays Manny’s wife, Sam, who you may recognise for playing Flora on the recent hit series Year of the Rabbit. Additionally, she also played Jill Drummond in Humans, Davina in Babylon and Martha in Lightfields

The couple’s conflicted son Isaac is expertly portrayed by the incredible Max Fincham. He played Thomas in The Alienist but you may have also seen him this year in the Ryan-Reynolds adventure-comedy Pokémon Detective Pikachu, depicting a young Tim Goodman. 

It’s a skilled ensemble, with each performer drawing the audience into the drama behind so many heartbreaking stories. 

Where was Dark Money filmed?

As reported by the Express, the mini-series was filmed in late 2018 and earlier this year in Birmingham, United Kingdom. although it’s actually set in North London. 

It was filmed across a number of identifiable Birmingham locations, including the Hippodrome and The Library of Birmingham, as well as St Paul’s Square, Digbeth Arena, Spaces Crossway, Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School, The National Exhibition Centre, Millennium Point and even the bandstand at Cannon Hill Park. 

If you’re familiar with Birmingham, there really are so many locations to single out. However, much of the show’s interior was shot at Curzon Street Studios.  


How many episodes?

Dark Money consists of four episodes in total. 

The first episode aired on Monday, 8th July at 9 pm on BBC One. Subsequently, episode two aired on Tuesday, 9th July at the same time followed by episode three on Monday 15th July.

The final episode concludes the powerful mini-series the following day on Tuesday 16th July.

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