Fans are wondering what happened to Joogie in wake of a lengthy absence.

Some believe that YouTubers are the new rockstars, and if that’s actually the case, then Joogie’s headliner material. 

Over the years, gaming culture has evolved considerably and there are just as many people happy to watch gaming than there is to merely do it themselves. There is an unbelievable number of incredibly successful channels out there, which simply offer their fanbase the chance to accompany their gaming journeys. 

Essentially, the skill of the gamer is a huge play in driving up audience figures, but really it’s all down to personality. Many years ago, watching someone game for hours on end was considered a form on teenage torture, but now, gamers can’t get enough of superstars like the exceedingly wealthy PewDiePie. Such figures are considered Gods in these circles, providing many with a new, revised aspirational figure. Of all the significant names, Joogie also stands out. 

The Fortnite fanatic

“You can make a living off that?” This is something every gamer-kid growing up in the early 2000s has likely heard more than once. In recent years, grinning teens have probably looked over the shoulder to respond a resounding “yes, actually!”

There’s significant interest in online gaming personalities, and Australian superstar Joogie is yet another in a long line of success stories. The YouTuber has a whopping 1,252,523 subscribers – at the time of writing – and is incredibly well-respected by the online community he operates within. 

It’s interesting because while even those with zero to little interest in gaming would probably recognise someone like PewDiePie, many famous gamers remain faceless. Nobody knows what Joogie looks like, but he’s a celebrity all the same. His channel simply offers viewers the chance to watch him interact on Fortnite with other players, acting as a hub to showcase his expert moves. The game itself is absolutely huge, and Joogie has no doubt grown along with its popularity, so where is he now? 

What happened to Joogie?

Joogie’s most recent video (see above) was posted on Thursday, May 29th 2019 and has already amounted over 600,000 views. However, fans find it increasingly worrying that he hasn’t posted anything since. 

He also has a Twitter account – @JoogieBone – but hasn’t posted anything since Thursday, June 6th. He posted fairly regularly, and many are in agreement that this length of absence is out of character. Considering this will be his income, livelihood and passion, people are asking questions. 

If he’d gone on holiday or was taking a break from the channel, the chances are he would have made an announcement to ensure interest didn’t wane in his absence and to put avid fans at ease. Since he began the channel in 2012, there hasn’t been this kind of panic – he just seems to have disappeared. 


Any leads?

Distractify highlights that the comments section of his videos have been rife with a discussion which has led to many rumours circulating around online. 

Twitter has also been an important place for speculation, with some expressing the belief that he has been hospitalized for brain surgery; others have even claimed the YouTuber has tragically passed away. Some have chimed in on Twitter saying he is fine, but as of now, there’s been no information or content from Joogie himself, so people are sure to worry until any news is broken by the man himself.

It does seem strange that he’s just dropped off, especially considering he’s known for being interactive with his audience; given the nature of some rumours, some feel he’d have responded if he was able.

Hopefully, he is in good health and we’ll hear an update from him soon. 

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