School of Rock is back, ladies and gentleman! However, it’s not the Jack Black-starring movie but a kids’ TV show!

Remember School of Rock? The film that effectively kick-started Jack Black’s movie acting career – unless you count High Fidelity – in the early 2000s? Well, it’s back but not quite as you know it!

Making its way to E4 on Monday, July 15th is a School of Rock TV show that’s about to give a whole new lease of life to the now 16-year-old film. 

However, it’s all changed as Jack Black and co. are replaced by a much younger and age-appropriate cast in this new version that’s imminently heading to screens in the UK quite some time after the School of Rock TV show made its debut in the US.

One of the biggest question marks hanging over the new show’s head though is just how it differs from the much-loved cult-classic and who on earth has been brought in to replace the legendary Jack Black as Dewey Finn?

What’s it about?

Unsurprisingly, the School of Rock TV show tells roughly the same story as the 2003 Jack Black-starring original. 

Dewey Finn, a failing-but-passionate rock musician somehow manages to get a job as a substitute teacher and discovers that his class are incredibly musically talented thus turning them into a band of their own, The School of Rock.

Season 1 follows the same beats as the movie, with the band ending the first season as the victors in the infamous battle of the bands that also played a huge part in the original film.

However, it is in seasons 2 and 3 where the story takes its own path and ventures off in new and different directions in order to tell its own story.

How it compares to the original film

With it coming well over a decade after the original film hit cinemas in 2003, the School of Rock TV show makes a number of changes to differentiate itself from the cult-classic movie but just what’s been changed?

Well, first off is the change to Dewey Finn’s story. In the film, Dewey ends up getting the job as a substitute teacher by posing as his friend Ned Schneebly whereas, in this new version, his identity is kept as Dewey Finn, therefore making him Mr Finn to the students.

Another major change is giving the spotlight to the character Tomika who is little more than a side-character and backing-singer in the original film but is promoted to lead-singer and plays the electric bass in the new TV show. 

Beyond that, there are a number of smaller changes that the series makes but obviously the most crucial is the fact that the show runs for several seasons, three in total, and the story that we know in the 2003 movie is expanded up greatly in the new series.

Who’s in the cast?

Tony Cavalero as Dewey Finn

Tony Cavalero has the unenviable task of trying to follow on from Jack Black in the iconic role of teacher and rock musician Dewey Finn. Despite appearing in over 40 films and TV shows in the past, School of Rock is definitely the most recognisable role of his career.

Breanna Yde as Tomika

Breanna Yde takes on the role of Tomika who is the series’ lead whereas Maryan Hassan’s 2003 Tomika took more of a supporting role.

Lance Lim as Zack

Lance Lim replaces Joey Gaydos Jr as Zack, the band’s lead guitarist.

Jade Pettyjohn as Summer

While the 2003 film had Drake & Josh and iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove playing band manager Summer, this new version introduces us to Jade Pettyjohn. 

Ricardo Hurtado as Freddy

Freddy, the band’s drummer was played by Kevin Alexander Clark in the 2003 original but in the new TV show, the role is filled by rhythmically named Ricardo Hurtado.

Aiden Miner as Lawrence

Aiden Miner takes over from Robert Tsai in the role of keyboard maestro Lawrence.

Jama Williamson as Principal Mullins

Replacing the now 56-year-old Joan Cusack as Principal Mullins is Jama Williamson who has also appeared in the likes of Parks and Recreation and The Good Place.

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