The Dark Money cast have all done a terrific job, but has the series reached its conclusion?

BBC One’s new and gripping drama Dark Money hit the BBC One with immediate impact, urging audiences reflect on a series of moral conflicts.

The four-episode mini-series tells the rather grim story of a struggling family who accepts a huge pay-off from a Hollywood big-big to keep them quiet about the child abuse suffered by their son. Sounds cheery.

The series features plenty of up and coming names in its cast, but just who are we going to see in Dark Money?

Dark Money synopsis

Dark Money paints a tragic picture of parents who accept money to remain quiet after their son is abused by a filmmaker. 

In a post-Harvey Weinstein world, this sort of programme could well be a fascinating insight into the ivory tower world that is Hollywood.

Max Fincham as Isaac Mensah

Who are they? Isaac Mensah is a young child actor who was abused while filming in America by a Hollywood filmmaker. He is central to the plot as said Hollywood producer aims to buy his family’s silence with a huge pay-out.

What else have they been in? Max Fincham is only just breaking into the industry but has already put in a performance in one of 2019’s biggest films, Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Fincham’s first credited role came in the 2018 series The Alienist. 

Jill Halfpenny as Sam Mensah

Who are they? Sam Mensah is the mother of young filmstar Isaac and leads the attempts to bring the offending film producer to justice. 

What else have they been in? Jill Halfpenny is probably best well known for appearing in both ITV’s Coronation Street and the BBC’s EastEnders. Aside from her soap career, Halfpenny has played roles in Waterloo Road, In the Club and Humans. More recently, she secured a role in Channel 4’s period police comedy Year of the Rabbit.

Babou Ceesay as Manny Mensah

Who are they? Manny Mensah is the extremely proud father of Isaac and is left devastated by the harrowing news of his son’s abuse at the hand of the film producer.

What else have they been in? Ceesay has recently appeared in several big-name projects including but not limited to Guerrilla, Eye in the Sky, Free Fire and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in which he appears briefly as Lieutenant Sefla. 

John Schwab as Jotham Starr

Who are they? Jotham Starr is the world-renowned film producer working on the blockbuster in which young Isaac Mensah is starring.

What else have they been in? As well as his role in Dark Money, Schwab has recently appeared in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom but only in a minor role and also played a part in 2012’s Zero Dark Thirty. His most major appearances have probably come in the much-loved video game series The Witcher, where he voices the larger than life character Dandelion.

Rebecca Front as Cheryl

Who are they? Rebecca Front plays Cheryl in Dark Money who is the chaperone of young Isaac while he is away filming in America as his parents have to stay at home for work.

What else have they been in? Front is arguably the most recognisable face in Dark Money having appeared in a range of TV programmes over the years from The Thick of It and The Wrong Mans to Poldark and police drama Lewis.

Rudi Dharmalingham as Dominic Nadesan

Who are they? Dominic Nadesan is a journalist who specialises in cases such as Isaac’s where the rich and famous have abused children

What else have they been in? Rudi Dharmalingham has appeared in several TV series in recent years ranging from The Split to the BBC’s Our Girl. Rudi has also appeared in one episode of Doctor Who the bizarre yet hilarious Dinosaurs on a Spaceship episode as well as an uncredited appearance in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

The rest of the major cast for Dark Money is as follows:

Toby Oliver as Hayden

Joseph May as Brett Huntley

Susan Wokoma as Sabrina Stevens 

Olive Gray as Jess Mensah

Ellen Thomas as Maggie Mensah

Tut Nyuot as Tyrone Stevens-Mensah

Hannah-Lee Osborn as Mira Starr

Is this the last episode?

Dark Money is comprised of four episodes, with the fourth and final instalment to air at 9 pm on BBC One on Tuesday, 16th July 2019. 

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