Persona 5 meets Identity V: How to enjoy free-to-play horror game!

Persona 5 Joker Identity V

Atlus' Persona 5 Royal Phantom Thieves will soon have buttons for eyes in their creepy crossover with the free-to-play mobile horror game Identity V.

Persona 5 The Royal is racing towards its October 31 release date for the lucky population of Japan, but - to help pass the time - everyone else can soon enjoy Atlus' Phantom Thieves in their first horror crossover as they infiltrate the free-to-play mobile game Identity V.

Atlus' Phantom Thieves aren't strangers to the realm of mobile games, but Identity V is particularly exciting because of its unsettling Coraline and Tim Burton-esque aesthetics.

It's definitely something fresh and exciting for the Persona community to experience as they continue to be bombarded with exciting trailers and information that make the wait for Persona 5 Royal all the more agonising.

Persona 5 Morgana Identity V

What is Identity V? A Coraline and Tim Burton-esque mobile game!

Published by the Chinese Internet technology company NetEase, Identity V is a stunningly gothic mobile horror game that will make you even more terrified of the prospect of having your eyes replaced with black buttons.

It's an asymmetrical title similar to Friday The 13th with four players tasked with co-operating and deciphering machines in order to escape one merciless killer.

For fans of Gothic horror movies such as The Woman In Black, Crimson Peak, The Haunting 1963 (not that overrated Netflix series), and Black Sunday, the Victorian era visuals with the Coraline inspired animation will alone provide a thrilling rush.

There's multiple characters to choose from and customise with an assortment of cosmetics, and the maps are all randomised so you never know what to expect around each and every dark corner.

Persona 5 Identity V Crossover

How to play Persona 5's crossover with Identity V

To experience one of the most enjoyable mobile games on the market, you can download Identity V for free from the Google Play and Apple stores.

There's no release date for Persona 5's crossover as of yet, but NetEase has posted the following trailer.


In other Persona 5 Royal news, Atlus' extended cut will feature unique social link scenarios that will make fans very happy.

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