Season 3 has made quite the impression, but will there be a season 4 of Jamestown?

It’s a period-drama produced by Carnival Films, but no, it’s not quite Downton Abbey. However, when one establishes that connection, a certain expectation is evoked. 

Jamestown is a series is set in 1619 which centres upon the first English settlers as they strive to assert and control their growing society in the New World. The first season premiered on Sky One to UK audiences in May 2017, and luckily, those who enjoyed it were happy to learn that it had been renewed even before the first aired; this arrived early 2018. 

It’s grown quite the fanbase over the last couple of years, with viewers admiring the costuming and attention to detail. The cast is definitely a huge draw for most, as the show features the likes of Stuart Martin (Babylon), Claire Cox (Spooks), Matt Stokoe (Bodyguard) and more. 

We’ve recently been treated to the third season, but most are wondering whether the story is scheduled to continue. 

How many episodes in Jamestown season 3? 

Jamestown season 4 began airing on Friday, April 26th 2019 and ran for eight episodes; the last episode concluding on June 14th. For those who are yet to catch up, it’s also available to stream on Now TV. 

Episode eight was certainly eventful, with the gradually paced drama of preceding episodes halting to a stunningly morbid climax. Sure, the show may fall flat in some places, as certain sequences and details have been described and considered a little too forced and out of place. 

Sure, it can get a little carried away with itself at times, but for the most part, it remained a really engaging drama throughout its three seasons. As with every show though, there’s always a wild new direction you can steer it in. We all know that the biggest issue with most prestigious TV productions is their resistance to endings. Was that really how the interweaving narrative of Jamestown concluded?

Will there be a season 4 of Jamestown?

According to Metro, season 3 of Jamestown is, in fact, be the final season, with no plans to progress the story further. 

The same source includes a nice little sign-off from Sky’s director of drama Cameron Roach; “‘Jamestown is a very special Sky original drama of which we’ve had the privilege of sharing with our customers over the past two years. The third series marks the final chapter of an incredible story, which offers huge emotion as well as thrilling adventure…”

The reason you’re here is likely because you’ve shared that privilege, so we’re sorry to break it to you – that’s a wrap!


Jamestown cast: Future Roles

Although the series has reached its end, you can still catch the show’s cast in a wide range of other projects. 

Stuart Martin – who plays Silas Sharrow – is set to star in comedy-drama The Sopranos and also upcoming TV series Miss Scarlet and the Duke. Kalan Queypo (Chacrow) turned in great work throughout the series, and has also starred in Terrence Malick’s The New World and 2015’s Slow West prior; he’s due to appear in Stark Raving Normal directed by Brad Bryan.

Matt Stokoe (James Read) is also set to lend his voice to fantasy TV series Cursed, and will also star in Jennifer Sheridan’s upcoming horror film Rose

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