Why is Area 51 trending on Twitter? 2019's funniest meme explained!

Area 51 (Groom Lake, Dreamland) File Photo near Rachel, Nevada

Sure, it's renowned, but why is Area 51 trending on Twitter right now?

Ever wanted a raygun? Tired of traffic and seeking the tech to make your car fly? Well, your lucky day may be just around the corner. 

We've all seen videos on the internet of blurry footage claiming to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life; some of us have undoubtedly bought into it, whereas others remain damningly sceptical. The concept of aliens has long been apparent in popular culture, and after all, the idea of life beyond our own is far too fascinating not to ponder every once in a while. 

Research and speculation have birthed some intriguing possibilities, some great movies, and recently, some absolutely stellar memes. In today's internet age, pretty much anything, no matter how seemingly sincere, can be morphed into a laughing stock by the masses  - they may look like they're texting, but today, they're probably cranking out ideas on Meme Generator. 

Recently, Area 51 has trended on Twitter, Instagram and a range of social media platforms; why you may ask? Well, let's take a look. 

Area 51 (Groom Lake, Dreamland) File Photo near Rachel, Nevada

Why is Area 51 trending on Twitter

From badly edited images of teens holding bizarre alien firearms to spaceships in parking spaces, you've more than likely seen some Area 51-related memes by now. Honestly, the meme has evolved and come so far now that most are actually clueless as to how it all started.

It began with a Facebook event called "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us", which details that those attending should all rush the facility in order to uncover the secrets it harbours from the public. The event is due to take place on Friday, 20th September 2019.

At first, you may have thought it sounded like a quick throwaway laugh, but then you see it on the news...

Why has "Storm Area 51" become newsworthy? It's because there are a whopping 413,000 who have registered as attending with 425,000 registered as "interested"; this figure continues to grow immensely and has almost doubled since yesterday (at the time of writing). If it continues, officials may have something very concise to say about it all. So, while it started on Facebook, it has eventually captured the attention of Twitter and beyond. 

What exactly is Area 51?

Although "Storm Area 51" appears to be, the facility itself is certainly no joke.  

It's a highly classified US Air Force facility located in Lincoln County, Nevada. You may have heard it referred to as Paradise Ranch or even Dreamland, but what you call it doesn't tend to matter much, because if you were pressed to cite what goes on there, a shrug of the shoulders would be the recurring response. 

The public is uncertain of what activities are carried out in the restricted area, but it's believed to be a place in which weapons and aircraft are tested. However, here's where it gets a little tricky, and also, where the memes come in. 

For decades, people have speculated that Area 51 is a hub for extraterrestrial research. There are endless conspiracy theories you can read on the internet and in books, all of which tend to date back to the Roswell UFO incident when a United States Army Air Forces balloon crashed at a ranch near Roswell in 1947. Alternative belief argued that this "balloon" was actually an alien craft of some kind, which the military recovered along with its alien inhabitants. 

It all remains a mystery, but meme enthusiasts appear determined to ascend upon the facility and find out what's going on once and for all. Or do they?

Can memes uncover the truth?

Just as they are with Area 51 itself, the public is very sceptical but undeniably curious to see what actually comes of this bizarre meme trend. There's the mentality that they can't fend off thousands of people, but of course, that won't mean the guards will simply give up and go on a coffee break.  

"We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens." This is the event description on the official Facebook page, and as you can see, it was clearly written in good humour. Yet, with so many thousands registered to attend, it's becoming alarmingly likely that some will turn up and give it a good go. 

It sounds like a terrible idea, but nevertheless, September could be even more interesting over at Area 51 this year. 

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