Why did Zoe and Cody break up? YouTubers still vlogging together!

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Zoe and Cody are still vlogging together despite breaking up several months ago

YouTubers put themselves at great risk by opening themselves and their relationships up to the world. In the case of so many, YouTube relationships are put firmly under the spotlight and it can often be damaging, especially when dedicated fanbases get involved and pry into every little detail.

The same can be said for Zoe Laverne and Cody Orlove, whose joint channel has earned the pair almost one million subscribers since they started posting videos together in April 2018.

Over a year later and the duo are no longer in a relationship but are still keen to create videos together in a move that has both pleased and confused their fanbase. 

But just why did the pair break up in the first place and why are they still vlogging together? 

Who are Zoe Laverne and Cody Orlove?

How Zoe and Cody broke up is a subject we'll get to in a minute. For those of you not in the know, Zoe and Cody, whose ship name is Zody, are a pair of YouTubers who, until earlier this year had been dating for over 12 months and made it public, even going as far as creating a channel specifically for the pair to publish videos on. 

Every video on the Cody & Zoe channel features the pair and often sees them pranking each other or performing challenge videos, you know, standard YouTube stuff.

Laverne does have a channel of her own, but the content on it is sporadic to say the least with the last video coming over eight months ago. Meanwhile, Cody's own YouTube channel has amassed over 440,000 subscribers and has a much more frequent upload schedule. 

Prank videos aren't all Cody and Zoe have been responsible for as on each of their separate channels we've seen all sorts from the likes of react videos to quizzes about which of their parents know them best. 

Why did Zody break up?

In March 2019, interest in the pair's relationship sparked up as controversial circumstances caused the pair to split up.

While it wasn't clear at the time, it soon came out that Zoe had cheated on Cody. Not only did it drive the pair apart but it drove the duo's fanbase wild and both Zoe and Cody received no small amount of harassment for the relationship breaking down.

However, a few months later and Zody are back and vlogging together once again, only this time not as a couple.

Why are the pair still vlogging together?

As most people will be able to testify, going through a break-up is a painful business, so how Zody can go through a break-up and come out on the other side still being able to create content together is a strange situation for many. 

In their most recent video, the pair explain that they're still friends after their break-up and that they're going to continue to create content for their fanbase to enjoy.

They claim that continuing to make videos is something purely for their fans but that seems hard to believe when you think of the money a YouTube channel with almost one million subscribers could generate. 

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