Screw Federer Vs. Nadal, check out Google's hidden tennis game instead!

Google Chrome Tennis Game

Perform a Federer Vs. Nadal-esque rally with Google's hidden tennis game.

It's Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal today in the Wimbledon semi-finals in what is no doubt a fantastic altercation for actual fans of tennis as the pair haven't faced off in the competition's final four since 2008.

However, for those who want to ride the tennis hype without actually succumbing to watching a man bounce a ball while scratching his bum and sniffing his fingers, there's a hidden game on Google that can be enjoyed instead.

And no, it's not better than Top Spin 4.

How to play Google's hidden tennis game

Rather than watching two men hit a ball back-and-forth while bellowing suggestive moans, you can instead play Google's hidden and highly addictive tennis game.

In order to do this at work or at home, you'll want to open Google Chrome and search Wimbledon Scores.

Then, with the scores at the very top, drag the purple bar of categories (Men's Singles, Women's Singles) to the left until you eye a tennis ball next to Mixed Doubles.

You then simply click the tennis ball icon and play as a furry against the Android mascot.

Alas, much like Novak Djockovic, the game's mainstay opponent is an unconquerable beast.

Therefore, instead of hitting unreturnable serves, your mission is to instead rack up points by keeping a rally going for as long as possible.

However, if you'd rather play a more high-profile and realistic tennis game on PS4 or Xbox One, then click here to see the options available.

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