Meet YouTube's Escape The Night season 4 cast - who is The Playboy?

Screenshot: Escape The Night season 4 trailer

The fourth instalment of YouTube series Escape The Night launched on Thursday, July 11th, featuring the return of some very favourable faces.

YouTube's favourite fantasy competition has returned with a star-studded line-up and more mysterious twists and turns.

Having debuted in 2016 as one of YouTube's first Original programmes, the series has grown in popularity over the years and now boasts a thrilling 10-episode fourth series, making it YouTube's longest-running Premium feature.

In the latest season, host The Savant (Joey Graceffa) attempts to rescue his friends from entrapment in various past eras. However, as the Museum of the Dead come to back life, a reunion soon turns into a rescue mission.

There's a wealth of historic faces and one newbie in The Playboy. Here's everything you need to know about the season 4 cast!

Screenshot: Escape The Night season 4 trailer

What happens in season 4?

This season's main villain is The Collector, who traps host The Savant (Joey Graceffa) and his friends with help from his Museum of the Dead minions.

The Collector is played by Shiobann Amisial, an actress, model and dancer who you can follow on Instagram under @ShiobannAmisial.

The assistants to season 4's long-standing guests are The Sorceress (Eva Augustina Sinotte) and Mortimer (Jack O'Connor).

Screenshot: Escape The Night season 4 trailer

Joey Graceffa said of the new YouTube season:

“Creating Escape The Night has been such an honour over the past four years. Now in our fourth season, the challenges are harder, the creatures are scarier and the drama is real.

"This all-stars cast has really elevated the show and couldn’t be more proud to be the longest running original show on YouTube Premium. Thank you to our amazing, dedicated fans, this season is for you.”

Meet the nine original cast members

The returning guests are; 

  • Joey Graceffa (The Savant)
  • Rosanna Pansino (The Socialite)
  • Alex Wassabi (The Aviator)
  • Tim DeLaGhetto (The Con Man)
  • DeStorm Power (The Enforcer)
  • Tana Mongeau (The Pin-Up Girl)
  • Gabbie Hanna (The Hollywood Star)
  • Colleen Ballinger (The Duchess)
  • Justine Ezarik (The Adventurer)

DeStorm Power has the fewest YouTube followers on his account, although it's still close to 3 million. He creates a lot of Hip Hop, rap and comedy videos.

The most popular YouTubers in the cast are Alex Wassabi and Rosanna Pansino, who have over 22 million combined followers.

Who is The Playboy?

New kid on the block, The Playboy, is played by Bretman Rock, who has 6.1 million followers on YouTube.

Known as Da Baddest - even on Instagram where he has 13 million followers - Bretman adds some serious sass to the show and is known for his "b*thes" catchphrase.

He is 20 years old and was born in the Philippines before moving to Hawaii in his teenage years. Bretman Rock is legitimately his real name as his dad named his son after American wrestlers Brett Hart and The Rock.

Screenshot: Escape The Night season 4 trailer

How to watch Escape The Night

Escape The Night is a YouTube premium feature, meaning the only way to watch it is through a paid YouTube subscription.

Subscribe to YouTube premium for £11.99 and you will have access to all three Escape The Night series at the flick of you wrist. The platform also offers YouTube music, other Original programmes and offline and ad-free streaming.

Alternatively, YouTube offer a free one-month trial, where you could easily binge-watch the entire fourth series over the coming weeks.



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