Good Girls’ Manny Montana has attracted lots of attention recently for the role of Rio.

Of all the ironically titled TV shows and movies out there, Good Girls may just be one of the very best. 

Jenna Bans’ gripping and sometimes refreshingly comic television series premiered on NBC back in February 2018 and was hastily renewed for a second after audiences declared that they couldn’t get enough. In turn, season two premiered in March 2019 and finished airing on Sunday, May 26th the same year. 

The show’s fast-growing fanbase considered the season follow-up even better than the first, and as a result, it was renewed for a third; before the season’s final episode – episode 23 – had even aired. 

Good Girls follows three mothers striving to make their habitual Michigan lives a little more than tolerable. Finally deciding that enough is enough, they resort to extreme measures, orchestrating a heist on a supermarket. However, we know how these things go now, and their actions trigger a chain of events which provide the twists and turns of this phenomenal series. 

It stars the likes of Christina Hendricks (Drive, Mad Men), Matthew Lillard (Scream, Twin Peaks), Mae Whitman (The Perks of Being a Wallflower), Retta (Parks and Recreation), Reno Wilson (Transformers) and more. However, fans appear particularly taken with Manny Montana.

GOOD GIRLS — “Take Off Your Pants” Episode 206 — Pictured: Manny Montana as Rio —

Good Girls: Previous Roles

Actor Manny Montana plays Rio, the gang leader who assigned Beth, Annie and Ruby to do his bidding, which of course, included some very questionable tasks. The character has encountered some sticky situations in the series and his affection for Beth has really made things interesting. 

He’s arguably one of the best characters on the show, and that’s all down to Montana; actually, let’s not forget the show’s solid team of creative writers too. 

Many audiences have been introduced to the man’s talents courtesy of Good Girls, but the chances of you having seen him before are pretty high. He’s appeared in such films as 2015’s Blackhat (starring Chris Hemsworth, Avengers: Endgame), 2016’s Undrafted and more recently, the critically-acclaimed American drama film The Mule in 2018. 

He also boasts some solid TV credits too. Montana has starred in such shows as Graceland (Agent Joe ‘Johnny’ Tuturro), Conviction (Franklin ‘Frankie’ Cruz), Rosewood (Marcos Villa), Miles from Tomorrowland (Zeno), South Beach (Octavio Cruz) and more. 

Rio actor Manny Montana: Age, family and more!

As highlighted on his Wikipedia page, the actor was born on September 26th, 1983 in Long Beach, California. He is 35-years-old and began his career on screen way back in 2008. His first credited part was Luis in the short El primo, with roles in other student films following after; he played Alex Guzman in East L.A.

He managed to score a string of what you could consider minor roles in the years leading up to his break, and he even voiced the character of Felix Alvarro in the video-game L.A. Noire. However, it was the aforementioned role of Agent Joe ‘Johnny’ Tuturro on Graceland which launched him into stardom. 

As for his personal life, Married Biography notes that Montana is, in fact, married, but likes to keep his personal life private rather than under the persistent lens of the public eye. In one tweet, he wrote: “Absolutely. Low-key is the only way I ever wanted to live. And my wife just laughs it off. She knows I’m a sucker for her.”

Little else is know about her, but the same source suggests that the couple met or began dating as far back as 2015 and also has a son. Similarly, little information is known about him.  

Follow him on Instagram

If you want to get to know more about the star’s personal life, his Instagram is definitely the best place to check for updates. He posts fairly regularly and boasts an impressive 581k followers. You can follow him over at @lbmannymontana.

Additionally, be sure to check out his Twitter at @MannyMontana

As for Good Girls, it has definitely been renewed for season 3, but as of yet, we don’t have a date on it. Fans, on the other hand, expect that it may return in the Spring of 2020, and although some sceptics feel Rio’s fate is sealed, there are a growing number of people who expect him back. Let’s hope so!

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