Family Reunion: Get to know Tia Mowry! Age, insta, family and previous roles!

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Family Reunion stars Tia Mowry and is delighting Netflix audiences everywhere.

If a family reunion is something you tend to avoid, then Netflix has the antidote for you. 

The turnout for Meg DeLoatch's (co-executive-producer on 2018's Fuller House) new comedy series has been a pleasant one so far, with fans taking to social media to praise a number of elements. 

Family Reunion season 1 premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, July 10th 2019 and some have swiftly binged through it to help spread the word. The debut season consists of ten easy-to-watch episodes, of which follow the McKellan family as they move from Seattle to Georgia to strengthen the bond with their extended family. Family comedies are only ever as good as their casts, and that's because you really have to buy into the family dynamic to enjoy them. In this respect, Netflix has another success on their hands, although it may appear dwarfed by the colossal return of Stranger Things right now

With an ensemble featuring the likes of Loretta Devine (Grey's Anatomy, Crash) and Anthony Alabi (Raven's Home), Family Reunion boasts a number of highlights. However, we're here to talk about Tia Mowry.

(L-R) Richard Roundtree, Loretta Devine, Anthony Alabi, Tia Mowry, Jordyn Raya James, Executive Producer Meg DeLoatch, Cameron J. Wright and Talia Jackson attend the Netflix (L-R) Richard Roundtree, Loretta Devine, Anthony Alabi, Tia Mowry, Jordyn Raya James, Executive Producer Meg DeLoatch, Cameron J. Wright and Talia Jackson attend the Netflix "Family...

Netflix's Family Reunion welcomes Tia Mowry!

The excellent Tia Mowry plays Cocoa on the show; a mother who embraces a more modern approach to parenting. Of course, this means she encounters some issues with her more traditionally inclined mother-in-law.

So far, fans have been happy to highlight her performance, and the actress herself has also been clear to express how important the character of Cocoa is to her. According to Bustle, Mowry said; "I wanted this role so bad, because it was one of the closest characters to me in real life that I've ever worked on," she revealed, discussing the ways in which Cocoa's values mirror her own. "It's very refreshing and fun in that sense," she added, "because I kind of just have to be myself."

When talking about Family Reunion more generally, she expressed that "It's full of love, it's full of laughter, but also I feel like a lot of the storylines that we dive into are worthy of a conversation." Fortunately, it is generating discussion so far, but above all, it's entertaining. 

Get to know Tia Mowry

Of course, Mowry's career didn't begin here. As outlined on Wikipedia, the 41-year-old actress was actually born in Germany, but she and her identical twin sister - Tamera Mowry - convinced their mother to move to California with them, as they were aspiring actresses. Arriving in America in 1990, they began appearing in commercials and minor parts until their big break with TV show Sister, Sister in 1994. 

The show saw them both cast as leads and ran for five years until 1999. After that, Tia appeared in numerous places, but her recurring role was voicing Sasha, the Bratz doll - this extended from movies, TV series and even video-games. This is something she began doing in 2004, well up until 2013's Bratz: Go to Paris the Movie.

She has also appeared in such TV series as Instant mom (plays Stephanie Phillips), The Game (Melanie Barnett), Fresh Beat Band of Spies (Sindy Sauernotes), Rosewood (Cassie), Mistresses (Barbara Rutledge) and Me, Myself and I (Wendy).

Mowry-Hardict has two children, Cree Taylor Hardrict and Cairo Tiahna Hardrict, with her husband Cory Hardrict.


Any more TV series?

After audiences have been taken with her character in Family Reunion, it's likely she'll reprise the character in a potential second season.

However, we can also expect to see her elsewhere too. Currently, the only upcoming role listed on her IMDb page is the part of Dodie in the TV movie A Very Vintage Christmas, but more information on upcoming projects is expected to follow. 

You can also follow her on Instagram over at @tiamowry. There's some great content on there, and if you don't believe us, just ask her 6.5 million followers!

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