Opinion: Outrage over Toy Story 4 lesbian scene is senseless drivel

Toy Story 4 Super Bowl Trailer

Pixar's latest animated masterpiece is getting the wrong sort of attention for a seemingly harmless scene...

Toy Story 4 is the latest and, for some, greatest entry into the long-running Pixar franchise. However, it's failed to leave everyone happy thanks to a seemingly inconsequential scene at the very start of the film. 

Despite offering a delightful Toy Story tale that somehow manages to feel necessary even after the seemingly perfect bookend in Toy Story 3, someone on the internet has managed to meticulously pick and prod a complaint about Toy Story 4.

Unfortunately, it's not a problem with the voice acting, the gorgeous animation or the film's story that's been pulled up in this recent case of outrage.   

Here's everything you need to know about the Toy Story 4 'lesbian scene' that you either missed or, more likely, watched innocently without a single flash of suspicious brain activity.

Who has been offended? And why?

The party at the centre of this outburst is the website One Million Moms, a branch of the American Family Association. They've set up a petition against Disney after including an unexpected lesbian scene in Toy Story 4.

The aforementioned petition, which has amassed almost 13,000 signatures at the time of writing, claims to be putting pressure on Disney for exposing children to this sort of so-called harmful material.

One Million Moms believe that Disney have blindsided families with an agenda-pushing scene in the much-loved kids' film.

Wait, there was a lesbian scene in Toy Story 4?


One Million Moms even state that it's a blink and you'll miss it moment.

The scene in question supposedly takes place at the very start of the film when Bonnie starts her first day of Kindergarten. In the background of the scene, a girl with two mums can apparently be seen getting dropped off and picked up from class.

It's hardly the most offensive of scenes and you're only likely going to notice it if you're on the lookout for such a thing.

As said, you're more than likely to have seen without realising.

Toy Story 4 Boo in the background

Opinion: Is the criticism warranted?

Of course it isn't!

In what we hope is a more progressive and forward-thinking society, a scene such as the one in Toy Story 4 should be celebrated, not criticised.

The argument that showing two mums dropping their child off at school is going to be damaging for a child is total nonsense. 

It's a totally harmless scene which shows an ordinary family participating in a mundane part of life. The best way of going about this is simply teaching children that some people have two mums and some people have two dads.

If you're going to complain over this scene then why not also frame Ducky and Rabbit for attempted murder, start a petition against the misgender of Forky - who is, in fact, a spork - and refuse to watch anything Disney again because Bo Peep's figure has changed,


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