Are Morgz and Kiera still together? Inside on-off Youtube relationship

Paul Fogarty

Morgz and Kiera Bridget’s on-off relationship has caused some serious confusion among the respective YouTubers’ fanbases.

The on-again-off-again relationship of YouTube sensations Morgz (Morgan Hudson) and Kiera Bridget has, for some time now, left the duo’s fanbase in constant confusion.

For months, fans of the YouTube couple have wondered whether the pair are still together or not, a fact not helped by Morgan and Kiera’s silence on the matter or the fact that the pair have pretended to break in numerous videos in the past.

So, we’re to try and unpick the relationship status of the two YouTube stars. Are they really broken up?

Who are Morgz and Kiera?

Morgz aka. Morgan Hudson has been on YouTube since 2014 when he, aged just 12-years-old at the time, uploaded his first video, a Minecraft speed-build.

Fast-forward five years and Hudson now boasts an audience of over 10 million subscribers and is one of the fast-growing creators on YouTube.

Despite starting out as a gaming channel his content focuses mostly on challenge, prank and comedy videos with the most-viewed video on his channel, which just happens to feature Kiera, earning over 29 million views to date.

Kiera, meanwhile, also has an impressive YouTube following, with her subscriber count currently standing at 3 million.

Much like Morgan, her content follows the same patterns and has even replicated videos seen on the Morgz channel on several occasions.

Morgz And Kiera

Relationship timeline

Delving deep into the archives of social media we’ve been able to put together a rough timeline of their on-off relationship which dates as far back as 2017.

It seems that the pair first met and became an item in late 2017, the exact date is unclear.

The first break-up they suffered was around New Year in 2018, with both Kiera and Morgan posting videos giving their respective sides to the story.

A month later in February 2018, the pair appeared to be back together again with Kiera featuring in one of Morgan’s videos.

Several seemingly harmonious months pass until the pair apparently split up again as a result of a lie detector test video which left the pair shouting at each other and Morgan seemingly in tears.

Two days later and Kiera appeared in another of Morgan’s videos seemingly without issue.

As recently as April 2019 the pair were seen together in a video on Kiera’s channel but ever since the pair’s relationship status has been unclear.

Are they still together?

No – at least as far as we can tell.

During their time together you’d often see them appear alongside each other in videos but this hasn’t been the case for some time now, creating no small amount of suspicion that their relationship is no more.

However, due to their relationship’s on-off nature in the past, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see them back together eventually, or at least for one – or both – of them to release a video explaining the situation.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any developments surrounding this story.

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