Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day: Why you should be excited!

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Niantic hasn't shared much about their Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day event, but witches and wizards should still be itching to participate.

Because Niantic isn't afraid to keep milking the blatant similarities with the disgustingly popular Pokémon Go, they have now announced that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will also boast its very own Community Day shockingly soon. And, as if any convincing was necessary, you should be more than excited about the upcoming event.

Niantic hasn't shared any details about what the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Day event will entail, but we don't need to be Hermione Granger in order to logically speculate what it could encompass.

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When is the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Day event?

Yesterday, Niantic announced over on the magical world of Twitter that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will feature its very own Community Day on July 20.

And that's all they shared. They didn't give any hints as to what the day will involve and what time it'll kick-off, they just concluded their announcement with a generic remark saying "more details will be shared soon!"

While it's admittedly frustrating that we don't know anything more than the date about the upcoming Community Day event, we can still hazard a guess as to what it'll boast and why you should be excited.

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Why you should be excited for Niantic's Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Day

Niantic has refused to share more details about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's impending Community Day, but you'd imagine it'll end up being very similar to - what else - Pokémon Go.

For those who don't adhere to the "got to catch 'em all" philosophy embraced by dog-fighting wretches, Pokemon Go's Community Day events are limited-time affairs that only last for three hours.

However, while the duration of said events is only a tad longer than an overblown superhero blockbuster, the Community Day spectacles are worthwhile occurrences as they provide a window for players to enslave rare furries.

Not only that, but capturing Community Day Pokémon also yields rewards such as extra experience points and unique battle moves.

So, if we assume Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be fairly similar, we can then possibly anticipate rarer Foundables spawning more frequently, in addition to extended lifespans for Dark Detectors.

But, regardless of what it involves, I just hope more than anything that the event lasts longer than the measly three hours reserved for Pokémon Go.

Yes, July 20 is a Saturday, but that doesn't mean the entire world is free 24/7 to play Wizards Unite at any given time.

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