Maya Hawke is set to appear in Quentin Tarantino’s highly anticipated Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

“How many children are you friends with?” asks Robin, hilariously glancing over at an embarrassed Steve ‘The Hair’ Harrington. From that moment, Stranger Things fans knew season 3 was onto a new winner. 

The new episodes have introduced some terrific characters, but none have been better received than Maya Hawke’s blunt yet charming Robin. She works alongside Steve (Joe Keery) in Starcourt Mall at the Scoops Ahoy ice-cream parlour and is played by Maya Hawke. 

Does the name ring any bells? Well, she’s actually the daughter of actors Uma Thurman (Pulp Fiction) and Ethan Hawke (Boyhood). For those who knew this prior to binging Stranger Things, there was a real excitement surrounding her performance and a great deal for her to live up to. Yet, she’s managed to absolutely smash expectations and offer the increasingly iconic show one of its greatest character creations yet. 

All hail Maya Hawke!

Steve and Dustin’s (Gaten Matarazzo) bromance was one of the most eagerly anticipated elements of season 3 and it really didn’t disappoint. However, rather than seeing the duo brave secret facilities alone, they embraced Robin and Erica (Priah Ferguson). 

Their mismatched team is arguably the highlight of the series’ return, with Robin escalating from newcomer to fan-favourite within the blink of an eye. Across the eight episodes, we really get to know her and, in the wake of a particularly honest reveal, we all realised that we were completely taken with what Hawke has done with the character. 

The actress had starred in the 2017 TV mini-series Little Women as Jo March and Romy in 2018’s Ladyworld but for most audiences, Stranger Things offered an introduction to her talents. Interest in her career is seriously escalating right now, but not to worry, she’ll be back on screens very soon. 


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

After gaining exposure on the sci-fi series, it’s pretty amazing that the next thing we’ll see her perform in is one of the most significant movie releases of the entire year. 

That’s right, Maya Hawke is starring in Quentin Tarantino‘s (Django Unchained) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He’s one of the most noteworthy filmmakers of the last twenty years and his latest epic takes us on a tour of 1969 Los Angeles; a time when the New Hollywood was changing cinema forever. 

It centres upon fading actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt-double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) as they attempt to make it in the realm of motion pictures. Considering Tarantino is such a knowledgeable film buff, it’s obvious that this movie about movies will be brimming with homage and ideas, and we really can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. 

With DiCaprio, Pitt and a supporting cast featuring the likes of Al Pacino, Margot Robbie and more, it’s set to be an absolute blast. However, until recently, we didn’t think all eyes would be on Hawke in the film. On the cast list, she’s billed as Flower Child, and although little is known about the role, it’s wise to assume that she’ll be involved with Charles Manson, who is here portrayed by Damon Herriman. It’s unlikely to be a significant role, but simply being present in a Tarantino movie is still really something. Uma Thurman has collaborated with the filmmaker numerous times, and now, it’s Maya’s turn to shine. 

What else is in store?

Her increasing fanbase can’t wait to see how she fares in Tarantino’s latest, but there’s a bunch of other work lined up too. 

She’s set to star alongside the likes of Andrew Garfield (Hacksaw Ridge) and Jason Schwartzman (Scott Pilgrim vs the World) in Gia Coppola’s (Palo Alto) new drama film Mainstream, which tells the story of a modern love-triangle. 

Then, we also have Marc Meyers’ (My Friend Dahmer) Human Capital, which centres upon the intersecting lives of two families tested by incoming tragedy; it stars Liev Schreiber (Spotlight), Marisa Tomei (Spider-Man: Far From Home), Alex Wolff (Hereditary) and more. 

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