How to fix the following game-breaking error codes for Dr Mario World: 0003, 0007, 0009, and 9001.

Nintendo’s latest mobile experience, Dr. Mario World, has only been on the market for a day earlier than expected, and already gamers are asking how to perform surgery on it to fix game-breaking error codes 0003, 0007, 0009, and 9001.

This isn’t too surprising seeing as nothing sweet in life comes without anything sour. However, to prevent you from becoming so stressed out that you’ll need to visit a real hospital, I’ve come up with a possible guide for how to fix the above error codes.

The simple guide for how to fix Dr. Mario World error codes 0003 and 9001

Dr. Mario World‘s error code 0009 is a now infamous mishap that results in players not being able to connect to the Nintendo servers.

This results in the game crashing just as players are performing lifesaving surgery, meaning that everyone in the Dr. Mario World hospital surely dies that day due to the doctors’ strings no longer being pulled.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official fix for this error on the game’s FAQ page. This is to be expected with Dr. Mario World having only just been released into the wilderness with its popularity being sky-high with dozens of players running their very own hospital.

Although there’s no official fix, you should first of all ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest system software update because it could potentially resolve the above error, as well as other bugs and glitches such as levels not loading and the game freezing on the menu screen.

But, if you have the latest system software update and you still can’t connect to the Nintendo servers, then all you can do is turn your Wi-Fi on and off on your phone, and keep reloading the app.

You can either do this over and over again until you reach the point of insanity, or you can be patient and try donning your hospital coat every few hours.

Sadly, the above information also pertains to error codes 0003 and 0007.

However, while it’s by no means an official fix, one user has said that they resolved error code 0003 by switching from Wi-Fi to cellular data. This allowed the user to download data and be able to play the game again.

As for error code 9001, this possibly hints at a problem with credit card payments according to Nintendo’s help and support page. A simple resolution for this might be checking your linked credit card or bank account to see if there is parental controls for limited spending.