Harry Potter Wizards Unite tips and tricks for every potion motion

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Potion Brewing

Rather than tips and tricks, this is essentially a cheat sheet for every potion motion in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Because it needs to be said otherwise I'll curse myself for not waffling, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a Pokémon Go clone that allows you to prance about the wilderness in a dressing gown and yadda yadda yadda, you already know the shtick.

However, as opposed to the rest of my other coverage for the only mobile game that is making my evening ventures into town somewhat tolerable, today's article includes tips and tricks for every potion motion in the mobile hit.

This means you'll no longer have to wallow in the misery of being terrible at brewing potions.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Cover

Harry Potter Wizards Unite tips and tricks for every potion motion

There are a variety of potions to brew in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and they all include different sequences because it's only logical that you don't stir potions the same as custard for a bananas desert.

As for how you go about brewing potions, you first need recipes, ingredients and a specific level of skill before being able to approach the cauldron wearing a sleazy kiss the chef kitchen apron.

Once you have all of the above, you'll be able to manually brew potions with just your fingers. To do this, you'll need to tap the spoon handle poking out of the cauldron after starting the potion-making process.

This'll allow you to perform a number of fanciful stirs for which you need Master Notes to perform the appropriate motions.

Fortunately, you don't need to be Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen to become an expert brewer of potions as there are only eight techniques in the game to master.

You can find the motions you need to perform for every potion in Harry Potter Wizards Unite below (via Gamesradar).


Harry Potter Wizards Unite Wit Sharpening Master Notes

Dawdle Drought

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Dawdle Drought Master Notes

Invigoration Drought Potion

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Invigoration Drought Master Notes

Strong Invigoration Draught Potion

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Strong Invigoration Drought Master Notes

Healing Potion

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Healing Potion Master Notes

Baruffio's Brain Elixir

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Baruffio's Brain Elixir Master Notes

ExtstimuloHarry Potter Wizards Unite Exstimulo Master Notes

Strong Exstimulo

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Strong Exstimulo Master Notes

Potent Exstimulo

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Potent Exstimulo Master Notes

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