How to unlock assistant characters in Dr Mario World to run a successful hospital without succumbing to microtransactions.

Your favourite hospital soap since Scrubs is back and this time it’s on mobile devices. Yes, that’s right, Dr. Mario World has made its return and it even came to our aid a day earlier than expected. And, as you’d expect from an “evil” mobile game, it contains microtransactions to unlock both playable and assistant characters.

While microtransactions are rightfully regarded as a plague that should be avoided at all costs in the AAA games scene, their inclusion isn’t nearly as unjustifiable in mobile experiences such as Dr. Mario World.

This is because a lot of mobile games are free (in the loosest sense) compared to AAA games which function more like tax because of constantly demanding your money after you’ve already spent near enough £60.

However, if you’d still rather avoid spending any real-life money on Dr. Mario World through principle alone, then below you’ll find a simple guide on how to unlock assistant characters without resorting to microtransactions.

Dr. Mario World: How to unlock assistant characters without microtransactions

Similar to unlocking playable characters (which you can find a guide for by clicking here), you can only recruit assistant characters in Dr. Mario World after advancing past stage 20.

Once you become more than a male nurse who boasts a level of 20+, you can then unlock playable and assistant hospital employees by selecting the Characters menu and then Staffing.

And this is where microtransactions come into play.

If you don’t fancy being a slave to the game’s grinding and woeful payrate, then you can simply buy diamonds with real-life money.

These same diamonds can then be used to unlock characters in the stead of the in-game currency, coins.

You’ll need either 40 diamonds or 4,000 coins to unlock playable or assistant characters, and the Nintendo mascot you end up earning is literally a lottery thanks to its random nature.

Dr. Mario World can reward your grafting and spending with either playable or assistant characters, or merely a character you’ve already unlocked (this’ll result in said individual’s skill level being improved).

Most of the assistant characters in Dr. Mario World are simply side distractions from prior Mario classics such as Goomba, Piranha Plant, Spiny, Bob-omb, and Scaredy Rat.

There are over 30 assistants in the jam-packed mobile title, and they are essential to making your hospital the equivalent of the fountain of youth rather than the fountain of death.

Assistants have different passive skills, and you can equip up to two of them in the Characters menu.

While you can unlock all the assistants and playable characters in Dr. Mario World without spending a real-life penny, it is undoubtedly a near impossible mission that even Tom Cruise wouldn’t be able to accomplish.

For you see, you’ll have to give up your social life and do nothing but play Dr. Mario World in order to consistently overcome its excessive grinding. Good luck!

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