Belle Delphine has responded to allegations that over 50 people have contracted herpes by drinking her bathwater.

Cat pretender and Instagram model Belle Delphine continues to be in the limelight after earning a month’s salary by selling her bathwater to her lucky fans. This sadly predictable phenomenon has resulted in “allegations” that over 50 people have contracted herpes by drinking her bathwater (something fools have purported to have done over on Twitch). Not one to remain silent about pretty much anything, the internet celebrity has expectedly responded to the imputations.

And yes, everything that follows is about as stupid and ridiculous as you can imagine.

Belle Delphine’s response to allegedly giving over 50 people herpes

As you’d expect for someone who has made a monthly wage frolicking in the bath and selling the water for $30, there is what could be deemed a witch-hunt for the controversial star’s head.

Some people are merely trying to exploit her outlandish behaviour and 10-minutes of fame by selling what is said to be her pee for $10k, meanwhile others are just leaving venomous comments on the toxic pool that is social media.

However, there are others who have spread a fake article and rumour about the YouTube lass giving over 50 people herpes with her much clamoured for bathwater.

Twitter user @BakeRises changed their name and profile picture to the Daily Mail US, and posted a photo of an ingenuous news story with the headline: Over 50 People Have Reportedly Contracted Herpes After Drinking Instagram Star, Belle Delphine’s, Bath Water.

Alas, many people fell for the blatant fake news, and Delphine has had to endure misaligned comments saying it’s true.

One of said many comments appeared on her Instagram, to which she responded, “Ur a (clown emoji) if u believed that”.

So, there you have it. There’s no truth to the allegations that Belle Delphine has given over 50 people herpes, and – in her defence – she did include a disclaimer on the packaging and her website that clearly stated her bathwater was intended for “sentimental purposes” rather than consumption.

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