What happened to Top Spin 5? Tennis games for PS4 and Xbox One

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What happened to Top Spin 5 and is there any good tennis games to play on PS4 and Xbox One while Wimbledon rolls on.

It's currently Wimbledon season, meaning the often abandoned outside tennis courts are crammed with men, women, and children who only pretend to enjoy the sport in July. And it's only natural that this tennis fever has moved on over to video games with gamers wondering why there's no Top Spin 5 and whether there's any good tennis games on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Top Spin 4 was one of the best tennis video games thanks to its excellent handling, incredible roster, and addictive career mode, meaning it's a real shame that a sequel has never come to fruition.

So, why is that? Why doesn't Top Spin 5 exist, and are there any good tennis games to experience on PS4 and Xbox One in its stead?

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What happened to Top Spin 5?

Unfortunately, Top Spin 5 is a fanciful dream that will never become a reality thanks to 2K Sports cancelling the series at the end of 2011.

Top Spin's creator Pierre André and his mates at 2k Czech were shutdown, and he told Polygon in 2017 that the devastating circumstances "felt like crap".

So, in short, that's why Top Spin 5 has never happened. 2K Sports has no interest it and would rather continue to ruin and recycle the WWE 2K games.

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Top Spin 5 isn't happening, but are there any good tennis games on PS4 and Xbox One?

Although Top Spin 5 was essentially cancelled, André and his 2K Czech pals have teamed up to deliver Tennis World Tour.

While the name alone isn't all that captivating, André once pitched it as Top Spin 5 fully realised: "We're approaching World Tour like we would have with Top Spin 5, in that the game will be very close to what we had in mind for Top Spins, with the shot control and the movement of the player models."

"What we would have done on Top Spin 5," André continued, "is in the character building, the playing style and the player's strategies."

Unfortunately, Tennis World Tour has received largely average to mediocre review scores for horrible handling, outdated visuals, and for being nowhere near as good as Top Spin 4 or other classic tennis games such as Virtua Tennis 2.

Aside from Tennis World Tour, the only other modern tennis game on the market is AO International Tennis. Despite faring slightly better than Tennis World Tour on Metacritic, the user and critic review scores are again mostly average to negative with the experience said to be another false dawn for those waiting for the arrival of Top Spin 4's equal.

Those are the only two "realisitc" tennis games on modern consoles, but PlayStation 4 gamers can enjoy the PlayStation 2 classic Everybody's Tennis; a fun and light-hearted tennis romp that is great for the family.

Either that, or you can do the same as me and continue to enjoy tennis on the Wii through Wii Sports and Sonic & Mario At The Olympic Games.

With that being said, it's still more than annoying that we haven't been given a great tennis game in years as there were a plethora in the past.

Top Spin 4 was no doubt the genre's crowning achievement, but Virtua Tennis was always a decent alternative with its emphasis on arcadey mini-games and gameplay. Plus, there was EA's Grand Slam Tennis; an underappreciated but still excellent simulation with incredible visuals.

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