Fallout 76 will soon see the arrival of patch 11, but players will have to make do with the servers being offline later today.

Fallout 76 was one of the worst games of 2018 thanks to its hideous practices and failure to live up to all the promises Todd Howard had made, but the title has made somewhat of a comeback thanks to its free Battle Royale mode, Nuclear Winter. And, to continue improving the experience, Bethesda will later be releasing Patch 11.

But, before then, the game’s servers will undergo maintenance later today. So, when will this happen, and how long will players have to endure the first-world dilemma?

Fallout 76 Patch 11: How long will the servers be offline for today?

The Fallout 76 servers will be undergoing maintenance later today at 15:00 BST. This means that the game will be offline, forcing players to have to instead roam the depressing world outside their bedroom windows.

Unfortunately, Bethesda hasn’t said how long the game will be inaccessible for. Their post merely states that they will provide an update once the downtime begins.

As for Patch 11, it will arrive in Fallout 76 sometime in mid-July.

It’ll help improve the Fallout experience by making raw food items and fluxes last 50% longer before spoiling, as well as by adding Power Armour improvements.

Furthermore, newcomers to the game’s Hell on Earth will be given a somewhat gentler introduction to Satan’s playground thanks to an assortment of tweaks such as players under level 25 paying fewer caps to fast travel.

Overall, Patch 11 sounds like a worthwhile update, but it does make me a tad envious of the players who are only just now entering its landscape.

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