Today’s most bizarre and odious story is undoubtedly the belief that internet model Belle Delphine is selling her pee for $10K.

Instagram model and cat pretender Belle Delphine has created a lot of buzz thanks to being the first internet “celebrity” to earn a month’s salary by selling her bathwater. But, as if that wasn’t weird enough, there is now a belief that she is also selling her own pee for $10,000.

Following the sensational sales of Delphine’s bathwater, there is now a high demand for the young Overwatch cosplayer’s urine.

However, is she really selling her pee for $10k, or is it just a disgusting hoax?

Belle Delphine selling her pee for $10k? Behind today’s most bizarre story!

Following the sadly believable success of Delphine’s bathwater business, the controversial lass asked her fans on Instagram what they wanted her to sell next.

This obviously resulted in some outlandish responses such as “Everyday we stray further from God” and “Why isnt humanity already extinguished,” but some people genuinely asked for her spit and hair.

While spit and hair would be repulsive enough, the famed cosplayer has decided to sell her pee for $10k. Or so it seemed.

Despite being a unique and unpredictable character who could do just about anything on any day, she hasn’t yet resorted to selling her urine.

Instead, the $10,000 vial containing her pee is a very convincing fake.

Listed on a near-perfect replica of Delphine’s website, the Gamer Girl Pee is officially figured at $9,999. The product includes a description which states that only one “lucky cutie fan” will receive the pee, and that it’s only for sentimental purposes rather than consumption.

Regardless whether you find this amusing, sick, twisted, or just a sad indicator of what society is capable of resorting to, the pee is not Belle Delphine’s nor is it an official part of her retail line-up.

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