The Batman: Arkham Collection has been given a release date, but even the biggest Dark Knight fans should ignore its existence as it’s an incomplete sham.

Amazon UK yesterday leaked the existence of the Batman: Arkham Collection for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and – as you would have expected – the vast majority of gamers were confused due to believing it had already been on sale for a number of years.

However, despite the confusion being understandable thanks to Warner Bros. having already distributed the Return To Arkham collection, the Batman: Arkham saga has been confirmed as an entirely new product thanks to boasting three titles: Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, and Batman Arkham Knight.

And yes, you have every right to be annoyed at this incomplete and insincere package.

Why the Batman: Arkham Collection is an incomplete sham that shouldn’t exist

In case it somehow isn’t glaringly obvious as to why and how the Arkham Collection is an incomplete sham with false advertising from its name alone, I have only one question to ask you: where is Arkham Origins?

When a game has Arkham in its name and is a part of the lore and canon of the series’ narrative, you’d expect it to be a part of a package titled the Arkham Collection.

However, because Rocksteady must be a precious studio that doesn’t want their “fantastic” games to be aligned with the “hideous” Arkham Origins, we are left with an incomplete and insincere collection that underwhelms and infuriates.

Although Arkham Origins isn’t the best game in the series due to its empty sandbox, terrible boss fights (bar Deathstroke), and lack of innovation, it’s still vastly superior to the Arkham Knight finale that left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

In addition, it should be a part of the package thanks to Troy Baker’s stunning performance as the Joker alone, as well as because it boasts a semi-important narrative that is occasionally referenced to in Arkham Knight (Firefly etc.).

Rather than naming it the Arkham Collection, Warner Bros. should have instead called it The Rocksteady Trilogy because that’s what it is. And even then its existence is fruitless as Arkham Asylum and City are already available on the PS4 and Xbox One while Origins continues to be left stranded on the last-generation.

The Batman Arkham Collection is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in Europe alone in September, but the rest of the world shouldn’t be distraught as it’s a pointless trilogy that most people already own.

I’d love for the excellent and underappreciated Arkham Origins to one day arrive on modern consoles, but it’s unlikely to happen for unknown reasons. Which is a real shame as it’s better than both Arkham Asylum and Knight thanks to its stunning cinematics, thrilling narrative, and cast of B-list villains.

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