Season 3 of Ackley Bridge has left audiences shocked so far, but how many episodes are left?

Ackley Bridge has returned to screens to deliver an essential post-Waterloo Road fix. The acclaimed Channel 4 drama has been compared to the latter and also Grange Hill, but actually, it stands strong in its own right. 

The British drama series initially began as a show called The ABC back in 2017. However, it was soon renamed, conforming to the name of the fictional Yorkshire town, as well as the name of the academy in which it’s predominantly set. 

Series three hit screens on Tuesday, 18th June 2019, and so far, it’s delivered some real surprises. 

New Faces 

There are some big new additions this time around. Firstly, we have Charlie Hardwick, who played Val Pollard in Emmerdale from 2004 to 2017. She also starred in Billy Elliot as Sheila Briggs.

In Ackley Bridge, she plays the academy’s new Director of behaviour, cast alongside new fan-favourite Robert James-Collier. He plays the school’s new Deputy Head, Martin Evershed.

Although he’s starred in a fair few productions, you’ll recognise him best as Thomas Barrow on Downton Abbey. If not, then he also portrayed Liam Connor in Coronation Street.

They’re both great new additions, but of course, there’s lost of familiar faces back too. Jo Joyner (Mandy Carter) is, as you’d expect, back at the helm. 

So far, the series has been as good as expected; what happens, on the other hand, hasn’t exactly been so predictable.

How many episodes?

Series three has been the most shocking yet, but there’s still far more of the story to tell. 

Ackley Bridge episodes air weekly every Tuesday at 20:00. There are eight episodes in total for the third series. 

Audiences can expect plenty more twists and turns before it’s over, but if it sounds like you’ve missed an episode, not to worry, there are ways to keep up.  


Catch up!

Sometimes it’s easy to miss an episode, especially when there are so many essential shows to juggle; we do live in the golden age of television after all!

Fortunately, you can catch up with Ackley Bridge whenever you’re ready through the Channel 4 website

Some are even looking ahead to series four, but as of yet, there’s no news of another series – it’s a little too early yet, though. 

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