Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How to fix annoying Portkey glitch

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How to fix the annoying Portkey glitch for Harry Potter Wizards Unite so you don't pull your hair out and end up bald like he who shall not be named.

While most would ironically argue that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite lacks the magic of Pokémon Go, there's no denying that it's a somewhat harmless and relatively fun experience for J.K. Rowling's barmy army. That is it's harmless until fanciful wizards become a victim of the infuriating Portkey glitch.

Yes, compared to the obvious dangers that come with people walking outside with their eyes glued to their phone screens, the most harmful issue with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has to be the Portkey glitch.

Rather, that's how it comes across online with the way people are venting their frustrations about not being able to fully exploit their wizarding capabilities thanks to an issue unresolved by filthy muggles.

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How to fix annoying Portkey glitch

According to the dozens of complaints on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite subreddit, there are a bunch of players who are unable activate and use their Portkeys.

And this is very detrimental to their experience because Portkeys are as essential to the game as chocolate is to Valentine's Day.

If you're one of the many wizards opening a Portkey only for nothing to happen afterwards, you might be in luck as there could potentially be a fix to your common conundrum.

In order to ensure that the game doesn't lock-up or crash when opening a Portkey, simply disable AR+ or switch to Battery Saver Mode.

Niantic hasn't yet addressed the Portkey glitch, but Gameranx's possible fix could be a momentary lifesaver.

As for other Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips and fixes, here's how to fix the not loading issue.

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