Spider-Man: Far From Home - Origins of Night Monkey explained!

Spider-Man: Far From Home dir. Jon Watts 2019

With Avengers: Endgame now out of the way it's time for Spider-Man to take centre-stage with some new suits and a new identity

Spider-Man: Far From Home is finally here and offers up some much-needed levity after the cataclysmic events of April's Avengers: Endgame.

We join Peter Parker on a globetrotting tour of Europe as his high school trip is hijacked by Nick Fury and the enigmatic Mysterio.

During the film, to help keep Peter's identity hidden from his friends while he's in Europe, Spidey is given the pseudonym Night Monkey.

How does Spider-Man end up being called Night Monkey?

After having his identity almost discovered by his friends in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker is naturally very wary about keeping his anonymity. 

Therefore, he gets lent the new stealth suit by Nick Fury, you know, the black one we see in some of the trailers, so that people don't recognise that he's actually Spider-Man despite it being horrendously obvious that he's quite clearly Spider-Man.

In an effort to steer people away from thinking that Spider-Man just happened to end up in Europe, Peter's best friend and man in the chair, Ned, quickly comes up with the name Night Monkey off the top of his head, claiming that this is just a European knock-off version of Spider-Man that he's read about online. 

Amazingly, people all across Europe buy the lie and we see some hilarious moments when 'Night Monkey' appears in Berlin and The Netherlands. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home Black Suit

Is Night Monkey something from the comics? Where does the name come from?

Despite a lot of Marvel's movies relying on the comics for inspiration, this time that's not the case. 

There is no comic version of Spider-Man known as Night Monkey or at least not yet.

It would seem that the name Night Monkey, which is actually a real type of monkey, by the way, is a creation purely for this film.

PERU - 2006

However, quite strangely, there is indeed a monkey-based Marvel comic book character known as Hit Monkey. 

If you imagine Caeser from the Planet of the Apes films and give him a suit, tie, some sunglasses and machine gun, then you've pretty much got yourself Hit Monkey, a killer Macaque with the skills of a master assassin.

Hit Monkey has appeared alongside several Marvel films over the years including both Spider-Man and Deadpool. 

Hit Monkey

However, as far as we're aware, he isn't the inspiration behind the name Night Monkey.

In the meantime, Spider-Man: Far From Home swung into cinemas on July 2nd and is currently in cinemas.



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